Building a confident, healthy and active lifestyle, from the start!

“It’s absolutely AMAZING to see the growth in technique and accompanied by so much laughter!! Being at Watts Basketball is a complete parent win.”


WATTS Parent

Building their basketball foundation and teaching the importance of living an active lifestyle. Our Little Dribblers program focuses on improving their coordination and social skills, while building their love and interest in the game.


Our 60-minute classes are full fun of fun games, challenges, and exercises designed to build coordination, balance and skills, but most importantly their interest and excitement for the game.



Players will learn to face new challenges head-on, though a teaching style that emphasizes the acceptance and importance of making mistakes during the learning process.

“Watts has provided my son with world-class basketball training. But more importantly, Watts has used the tool of basketball to give my son the confidence and expectation that he can and will accomplish greatness in his life socially, academically and athletically.”


WATTS Parent


No matter what your primary objective is in choosing basketball for your kids, the foundation is giving them a positive experience and that’s what we’re here to do.


Build healthy lifestyle habits

Building positive activity into a lifelong habit to establish physical, mental and emotional well-being.


Grow interest and love for the game

Basketball will provide your child with a tool that they can take anywhere as a positive outlet. Whether it be an outlet to work through life’s challenges or to connect with people, basketball is a tool to refocus, redirect, and re-inspire.


Confidence and self-esteem through skill building and social connections

Life will present all kinds of challenging situations. Through Little Dribblers we plant the seed for embracing challenges as learning and growth opportunities that are both exciting and rewarding to overcome.

“Donald Watts and everyone associated with Watts Basketball not only give top quality basketball training, they understand that teaching the game is more than just skill work and playing games. They teach life skills, work ethic and the importance of being more than just a hooper.”


WATTS parent & host of Sports Radio 950 KJR


Prioritizing Fun

Social component, enjoyment of connecting with people, looking up to positive mentors

General Athletic Skills

Foundational skills for athletics, following instructions, jumping, running building speed, endurance, coordination

Basketball Fundamentals

Foundation for long-term success in the game — for however long they want to play dribbling with left and right hands, shooting, starts and stops.



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2 Week Trial Membership

Monthly Membership

In need of financial assistance? We are proud to provide a limited number of scholarships, courtesy of The Watts Foundation, to ensure programming is as accessible as possible! Apply for a scholarship HERE.