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Private Training

Lil Dribblers

Grades K-3

Focuses on the joy of being active. Players explore ball handling and dribbling in a fun group environment.

Future Stars

Grades 4-6

Focuses on creativity and the exploration of new basketball skills through a variety of games and competitions.

All Stars

Grades 6-8

Focuses on camaraderie, competition and learning how to work within team dynamics.

Prep Academy

Grades 7 & Above

Camps & Clinics

All Grades

Private Training

All Skill Level

Private Training

Tailor your time with Private Training and Semi-Private Training. Focus your training on where your game needs it most. From fitness and fundamentals to position specific, Watts Basketball has you covered.
In our program you will:
• Basketball I.Q.
• Confidence
• Basketball Athleticism
• Daily Development Routine (DDR)
• Fundamental Proficiency
• Competitive Drive
• The process of Mastery
• Plan, Do, Review
• Journaling/Tracking