Mid-Winter Break Camps

Basketball camps for grades K through 8th

At Watts Basketball, we pride ourselves on planting a seed for long-term success in athletics and life.  Our camps ensure that your child has a great time with friends in a fun and competitive environment while developing the fundamentals to become successful on and off the court.

  • Work with other as a team
  • Build independence
  • Gain self confidence with humility
  • Establish a growth mindset
  • Develop lifelong learning abilities
  • Embrace and trust the process

Every day, we have the opportunity to watch players grow while attending our camps.  It’s an incredible experience that motivates us to continue working to develop their athletic skill and personal character

Our camps provide the right balance of success, failures, challenges, and rewards. We do all of this while providing the most essential ingredient for youth sports enjoyment….FUN.

  • February 18-22 (Grades 3-8) Mid-Winter Break Camp @ Watts NEW Sodo Gym
  • February 18-22 (Grades K-4) Mid-Winter Break Camp @ Villa Academy
  • February 18-22 (Grades 5-8) Mid-Winter Break Camp @ Villa Academy

Personalized Coaching Plans

Every basketball player’s game is unique – it comes from their personality, experience, skill level, and type of athleticism. That’s why we work with each player differently.

Skill Development

Instead of giving kids a laundry list of skills they need, we come up with a multi-layered plan that will help them get where they want to go.

Love Hard Work

When our campers master new skills, we remind them of the hard work they put in. Hard work = results. It’s a mental connection that can last a lifetime.

Slick Watts

Founder Slick Watts has dedicated his life to his community after his career with the Seattle Super Sonics. During his career he was named the first NBA assist and steals leader. He recently retired after 30+ years in education and continuously provides inspiration and motivation to your children

Donald Watts

As a former University of Washington Husky basketball star, the game has been a transformational experience in Donald’s life. He loves working with the kids and watching them grow into not only great players, but also leaders and lifelong learners.


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Watts Basketball is Seattle’s premiere institution for player development. Through basketball, we teach strength, concentration, tenacity, and enjoyment of the game. We do all this because we believe basketball skills empower personal growth. That’s what makes us Gamechangers. For Life.