Happening This Week


During championship week, kids have the opportunity to prove their skills to everyone in the state. They finally have the chance to live out their dream of being called the best in the state and prove to others they deserved it. But in order to prove your worth to others, you need to prove to yourself. Late hours in the gym, extra time spent watching film and in the books, questions to idols and coaches… this is what is not seen by the crowds and the fans. Whether you’re blessed with natural talent or not, what goes on between the ears is the same for everyone. The best players in the world can be broken down by a lack of preparation and confidence. The players who lack in skills, but make up for it with confidence in them self, find ways to outsmart and out play their opponent. Players like John Stockton and Muggsy Bogues lacked the physical aspect of their game due to their size. John played 19 and was elected into the Hall of Fame, while Muggsy played 14 amazing years as the smallest players ever in the league. Who remembers the 2006 NCAA Tournament when George Mason went to the Final Four? They are the lowest seeded team to even make it that far in the tourney, and while it may have shocked the entire nation, Patriots Lamar Butler was quoted saying, “I told myself when I got to college this is what I wanted, so while it may be a lot to handle, I planned on being here.” Believe in yourself, physically and mentally. It will make the reaction of those who don’t believe in you no even better when you prove them wrong.