4 Stops to Create Space & Get Your Shot Off

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Written by sidneyR

January 11, 2020


By Donald Watts

There are 4 main stops in basketball that every player, who wants to get their shot off and limit turnovers (so everyone??), needs to master!

The 4 stops:

  1. Jump stop
  2. Hockey stop
  3. Lunge stop
  4. Stride stop
Jump stop– Where both feet are down at the same time so you can pivot off of either foot.

Best utilized to:

  • Create space between you and the defender to make a pass or shoot.
  • Once you’ve gotten by the defender to stop and pump fake for the defender to blow by you and go up for a layin.
Hockey stop– Is where you stop sideways, like a hockey player (clever, right!). Here you have the option to lean in with your shoulder to create space to pass, shoot or spin away from the defender off your back pivot foot.

Best utilized to:

  • Accelerate and stop on a dime with defenders momentum working against them.
  • Elevate into your shot with tons of space.
Lunge stop– Stop in the lunge position with the outside leg flexed and ball in outside hand as well. Your back foot is your pivot foot.

Best utilized to:

  • Stop on a dime with defender’s momentum working against them.
  • Push back with inside shoulder to create space to pass or shoot.
Stride stop– Your feet stop in a 1-2 motion. First is inside foot, then outside foot and elevate up into your shot.

Best utilized to:

  • Rise up for a quick release.

For a full tutorial of each of these stops check out the video below! I highly recommend watching the video to see each stop in real-time action and to best understand the footwork and body positioning with every move.

Teaching the fundamentals the WATTS basketball way. The for stops

Posted by Watts Basketball on Thursday, December 26, 2019

Once you master these 4 stops, you will find that the games slows down, you make better decisions with the ball (because you have more space and time) and have plenty of room to get your shot off from any position on the court.

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