Elite shooters are highly valuable at every level of the game. At Watts Basketball, our Art of Shooting Camps are designed for serious players looking to take their game to the next level. Become the most valuable shot maker on any court by learning the critical techniques, habits and mindset of elite shooters at the collegiate and professional levels.

“Donald’s knowledge of the game and passion for development is rare and a great asset for any individual, team or program looking to take their game to the next level.”


NBA Hall of Fame Coach and Player

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Are you a strong player but a weak shooter?

Every basketball player wants to play at a high level. You’ve got the stature, the team spirit, and the physicality, but what about your shooting ability? Are you an OK shooter or an exceptional shooter?

Here is the secret of NBA players: they have always been, first of all, excellent shooters. Without mastering the art of shooting, you will not be able to put yourself in positions of success. But as they say, great shooters are made, not born. Instead, great shooters develop their skills through hours of dedicated practice.

So, if you want to have the competitive edge, read on further.

“Playing at the next level is a journey worth taking, but you have to be realistic about where you’re at  and what you need to do to get to that next level.”


The Art of Shooting Camp is specially designed for progressing basketball players, who are all about effort, and dedication to pursue a higher level of playing and shot-making. Gain the right tactics and training you need to dominate at every level. In an offense-only environment, time, space, and physicality are at a premium, so you can thrive at mastering this skill.

Our goal is to determine how good you want to be as a shooter and give you the tools to get there. Our goal is to optimize your shooting mechanics, overhaul your jumper, boost your percentage and range. This way, you can earn more playing time, increase your scoring average, step into shots with complete confidence, and achieve any of your goals.

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Make your basketball shooting unstoppable. Let Watts Show You The Way!

Shooting is one of the most important aspects of the game. You must score to win. So, if you want to be excellent at getting buckets, you must have the necessary fundamentals. Here’s our three-step approach to perfecting the art of shooting.


To execute a high level of performance, a player needs to be focused, positive and goal-oriented. We give you what you need to double your motivation and raise your game. You must have the mental toughness to get up every single day and be relentless about the development of increasing elite skills. Our goal is to develop your mindset, discipline, & confidence altogether, so every shot feels good.

Develop the Perfect Shot

Unlock the 5 keys to a high-performing jump shot. The ideal mechanics will allow you to achieve optimal balance and get maximum shooting accuracy no matter where you are on the court. Learn what it takes to shoot off of the dribble, shoot off of the catch, free throws, and more. The right form, natural rhythm, and the number of reps will lead you to become a confident, master shooter.

Footwork & Mastery

How to apply the correct footwork during different game scenarios. Counteract tough defense plays by creating space to hit the open jumper. Train until it becomes second nature. Through intense, repetitive drills, build muscle memory to get you that consistent, efficient shot every time. Gain overall athleticism so you can become the offensive threat on the court.


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Elite Training from Elite Trainers

Work side by side with coaches who can shoot with you. Be trained by champions. Our pro-level coaches will provide the proven tools, accountability & insights you need to maximize your full potential.

Be on the right path to becoming THE valuable shooter of your team with coaching based on your skill level & need.

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Where players train to become GREAT players. The Way of Watts has launched the careers of many basketball players, both official and collegiate. We take pride in teaching our attendees everything a player needs to be successful not only on the basketball court but also in life.

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Our camp offers results. Play your best every time. With our training outcome, you can adapt, tweak, and take quick action to get that perfect shot anytime. See faster improvements and get higher scoring accuracy. We take you to the next level- whether to earn a varsity position, get a college scholarship or dominate the NCAA, we got you!

“[Donald and Slick] help kids grow, succeed at life and fulfill dreams. A lot of kids want to be NBA players and they’re here to help.”


2x NBA All-Star




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Art of Shooting

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Art of Shooting

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