Kaden Perry with the best 15 seconds of the summer basketball circuit

In the clip above, you will see this player show his greatness, by getting two blocks and a dunk in 15 seconds. But the distinction is in the details,

  • He came over from the weak side to get the first block
  • Uses his athleticism to get off the ground immediately to get the second block.
  • Not to mention, both blocks are clean and he keeps the ball in bounds.
  • After his team gets the ball he immediately sprints down court beating everyone to the front of the rim where he gets the pass and goes up quickly for the dunk.
  • As soon as the player lands he immediately sprints back on defense.
A player’s value is not just about the highlight reel sequences. You can affect the game with heart, athleticism, and energy. In just 15 seconds you can set yourself apart from the rest of your competition.

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