Behind every elite athlete in the basketball scene is an unrelenting desire to be the best. A driving force, which often comes into play during the grueling hours of practice, can wash away fatigue, breakthrough limits, and propel a player towards greatness. 

So, it goes without saying that motivation in Basketball training is a key ingredient for achieving success on the court. It is something that every hooper should not be lacking, and you are no exception. 

Motivation in Basketball: Helpful Tips to Get the Job Done

Set goals 

Ever felt demotivated while going on with the fundamentals of the game in practice? If so, you might want to determine the part of your skillset that you want to focus on before putting in the work. In other words, set a goal. 

By placing an objective, a sense of self-mastery will be developed over time. And progressive results, no matter how big or small, can be quite motivating. To put things into perspective, imagine a shooting guard, who has a 25-percent conversion rate from three, setting a goal of hitting 40 percent of his long-range shots in practice, which is considered an efficient percentage in the professional scene. If he gets to improve his shooting clip over time and starts to see his shots falling more often, he will be more determined to master his craft. 

Fair warning: Always make sure to set realistic goals. Having an unattainable target will likely backfire, causing a negative impact on a player. 

Acknowledge individual growth 

There is no question that you spend countless hours on the court to practice for the purpose of improving. In line with this, keeping track of your progress and all the positive changes in your performance can boost your desire to train more. After all, people often draw out motivation from their own growth. 

So, take the time to acknowledge your progress. Be it a small spike in scoring efficiency or a huge improvement in your rebounding or assisting production, every improvement is a welcome development. Also never forget to use every one of them as added fuel to your fire. 

Develop friendly competition 

Basketball is a team sport, so it is likely to find yourself participating in practices, scrimmages, and official games with your teammates and other hoopers. When you have someone whom you can share the court with during training, try to put up a healthy competition with that person. 

By doing so, a competitive atmosphere will be set up in what used to be just a casual training session. This will help you stay motivated throughout practice, which can help pave the way for breakthroughs that you usually cannot pull off in your lonesome. 

Having the right amount of motivation during training will always work wonders for you. So, now that you have gained ample knowledge on this matter, time to put in the work!

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