Develop Your Shooting Range and Arsenal With the 3 C’s…


The first thing anyone who wants to be a good shooter must do is create a standard of personal excellence, a target to shoot for.  At Watts Basketball, our standard is 8 out of 10 or better, which we define as range. It is important that it isn’t just accomplishing the 8 out of 10, but accomplishing it consistently with minimum amount of mental stress and at game speed. It should come naturally.

Your arsenal is the variety of shots that you can make, maintain the standard within your range. Some examples are step backs, turn-around jump shots, shot fake shots, and whatever other shots are appropriate for your personal situation based on your advantages.

To achieve this standard, the 3 C’s of Shooting and Development are critical.

  • Consistency
  • Concentration
  • Confidence

Consistency works in 2 layers:

  1.  Execution of shot and training your shot.  Training your shot by practicing and doing your shot over and over to develop the brain connection of consistent movement.  People often refer to this as muscle memory.
  2.  Making a commitment to consistent daily routines that compounds the efforts of daily movement.

Concentration at Watts basketball means focusing on elements of your shot not specific results of making a basket.  You must knowingly my a commitment to this type of focus because what you focus on is what you bring attention to. We want to focus on shots that have a perfect feel and rhythm.  It is alright to have a long goal of making a certain number of shots, but we do not want to obsess over it every day.  Instead, we want to establish goals and milestones you can track and see steady improvement towards your 60 / 90 day goals.

Confidence at Watts Basketball means following the process will lead to not only confidence, but supreme confidence.  This is knowing when called on in the most high impact, high intensity situation you will come through.  This is confidence in yourself plus your teammates and coaches having confidence you can and will come through in clutch situations.

Following the Watts Basketball process will develop this Supreme Confidence in yourself.


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