A 3-step guide to becoming an elite shooter (free printable worksheet)


basketball free worksheet

Basketball isn’t all about being athletic and winning every competition. It’s an art form, and understanding the art behind it will allow you to become the shooter no coach wants to take off the court! We also included a free printable worksheet that you can download.

To learn the art of shooting, you need to go through these three phases: conditioning the mind for a positive mental approach, developing your shot form, and learning proper footwork.

Phase 1: Mental Approach

The first and most important thing that you need to work on is your mindset. Our thoughts and emotions determine the results of our actions, and this also applies to how you will perform on the court. Elite shooters develop supreme confidence when they believe that every shot they take is going in!

Focus on becoming these things to condition the mind:

1. Goal-oriented – Assess where you are right now and where you want to be
2. Focused – Commit to developing a daily and weekly plan to achieve your goals
3. Positive – Replace any self-doubt with supreme confidence that comes as a result of consistent work habits

Phase 2: Developing the Shot

In plain sight, a shot seems simple, but to become an elite shooter, there are 5 key elements of the perfect shot that you must master:

1. Crouch – Load energy as you drop your body
2. Uncoil – Prepare to release tension and energy
3. Lift – Develop a consistent and sustainable jump
4. Release – Shoot the ball with an effortless and timely release and hold the follow-through
5. Land – Land softly on both feet

Phase 3: Footwork

Prepare a go-to shot that you can use in numerous situations. This will help you feel more confident about making accurate shots and feel less stressed during games. At Watts Basketball, go-to shots are developed by identifying these two things:

1. Your range – This is the area on the court where you can move and shoot 80% (8 out of 10 shots) at game speed.
2. Your arsenal – Your arsenal is the different types of shots that you can make within your shooting range. Examples of these shots are fadeaways, stepbacks, and turnarounds among others.

Bonus: Download our free worksheet

We’ve prepared a worksheet to help you better understand the art of shooting. It’s 100% free and has pages that will help you…

1. Learn the principles and philosophies involved in the art of shooting
2. Develop a plan to work on the specific skills that you need to master the art of shooting
3. Make a commitment to work on the skills on a daily and weekly schedule

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Through this worksheet, we hope that you will come to appreciate basketball more by seeing how meditative it can be. We also hope that the court can become a special place where you want to be.

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