Get A College Recruiting Advantage, Even w/Questionable Grades


We see 1000s of young people who say the want to play basketball at the college level, but too many student-athletes are too busy traveling or competing and not handling the business of preparing for college. Maintaining a balance of SAT prep and good grades is paramount.

Below is a summary of the interview with Coach Watts discussing steps he feels are important for all student interested in becoming a college athlete to know that are often overlooked.

  • SAT Test
  • Knowing your core GPA and 16 core classes that have to be completed
  • Take PSAT early
    • It is important to take the PSAT so you know where you stand academically and what you need to study more for the SAT
    • Take advantage of your resources the school provides to get the help you need
    • visit the website for more information on PSAT and SAT test and NCAA qualifications
  • Go over grades,transcripts and recommendations for programs with your counselor
    • Doing so will make sure you are prepared and have everything in order when the time comes to apply to colleges