Comprehensive 30-minute Basketball Workout Guide

basketball workout

Written by Aliesha

December 22, 2020


Building footwork, speed, and endurance are among the necessary steps in every path towards basketball greatness. No matter what position you play on the court, being nimble while having enduring stamina will set you apart from the rest. 

So, in this video, Coach Donald Watts will take you through a 30-minute basketball workout that is going to catapult your conditioning and game performance to a higher level. This routine, which focuses on the lower body, will be divided into multiple parts — the lunge series, box foot speed series, and functional basketball work, capped off by a conditioning test.

Basketball Workout: Lunge Series

  • Forward Sprinter Lunge

The Lunge series starts off with the Forward Sprinter Lunge. This exercise is performed by first grabbing a knee on one leg while bringing it close to the chest then kicking it out to perform a lunge.

Then, you are going to grab the backfoot and squeeze it against your butt. After which, you will swing the foot through, squeeze it into your chest, and lunge. Make sure to maintain your balance when doing this basketball workout routine. 

Do this drill until half-court or if you are at home, do this eight to ten times.

  • Reverse Sprinter Lunge

This basketball training program begins by taking your foot and pulling it across the other hip. Working on your hip mobility is important in this routine. 

The next step is to bring the foot back, squeeze it against your butt, kick it out, and do a lunge.

  • Cross Over Cross Under Lunge

From the cross over position, bring your back foot forward. Then, take that back foot and cross under.

Basketball Workout: Box Foot Speed Series

  • Step Up, Step Down

Using a box, curb, or stairs, step up with your right foot then followed by the left foot. Next, step down with your right foot and step down your left foot. Repeat this process over and over again as quickly as possible for 30 seconds straight. 

  • Scissors Step

Also known as Ali Shuffle, this basketball drill is named after boxing legend Muhammad Ali. The routine starts off with one foot on the box and another on the floor. Then you will switch them as fast as you can while maintaining the center of gravity. All this in the span of 30 seconds. 

  • Box Jumps

The first drill under box jumps is to go forward, two feet on, and two feet off as quickly as possible. The next procedure is to turn sideways and jump forward with two feet on. Do this on all sides until you return to the original spot.

Basketball Workout: Functional Basketball Series

  • 2×5 Defensive Side Drill

Work on your 45-degree angles. Starting with your original position, go two steps as quickly as you can. Turn and then slide five steps.

  • Pretend Rebound

Power jump for 30 seconds. Do this by jumping and reaching as high as you can. Remember do not spring up. Rather, power jump as high as you can. 

Skyrocket Your Performance

Practice these drills three to four times a week. Make sure that you also rest in between drills so your body can recover. 

When you constantly practice this basketball workout guide, you will see an improvement in your performance on the court. 
Catch the next video at Watts Basketball on Youtube, dropping on Mondays and Fridays at 5 PM weekly! Be a gamechanger, for life.


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