Anyone who has done any type of training, whether it be for work, for fitness or for sports, know that training isn’t a “one and done” action. There is a lot of thought and effort that goes into training. The process behind each type of training is different, of course, but there is always a process.

The video attached exemplifies our training process. It is uncut, a solid 1 minute and 45 seconds and you can see the progression and growth of an 8th grader. There isn’t a lot of talking in the video because it is all about the player and how they begin to excel in the skills being worked on.

The challenge is presented: jump over the chairs, but doing it in a certain way. They only moved on once there was clear balance and body control. Once that is down, another element can be added to the process. Through this continuous process, you see her struggle, make mistakes and have the fear and mental blockage was holding her back from giving it her all. But she was able to get over all of that, progress and complete the task at hand. In order to achieve that progress, the training was broken up into chunks. If there was something that pushed her a little too far, they dialed it back a little and made sections of the training that were more manageable. They then continued to add different dynamics and elements as she mastered each section

Through this video, you see the coaching that was done to get her through her failures, which eventually led to her success. Again, there isn’t a lot of talking, but the talking that does occur is to keep her focused on the set goal that they’re trying to accomplish.  

The training drill in this video focuses on developing explosive power, balance, body control, change of direction, dynamic footwork and her off hand. Even though it is one process, it is able to focus on all of those aspects of the game, and that happens once one is mastered and another element is added on.

The steps of the process: create a challenge, break the challenge into chunks, coach them through the failure in order to add to the challenge. If you follow this process, there is nothing more rewarding than the amount of growth that takes place and the amount of joy that both the trainer/teacher/coach and the student experience.

Watts Basketball is Seattle’s premiere institution for player development. Through basketball, we teach strength, concentration, tenacity, and enjoyment of the game. We do all this because we believe basketball skills empower personal growth. That’s what makes us Gamechangers. For Life.

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