By Donald Watts

Mid-season struggles are something that every player, at every level, goes through. Don’t be alarmed it’s normal- but be abnormal in how to attack those struggles!

I’m in the gym three nights a week watching my son and daughter play for West Seattle high school. At every game, on every team, I see players on the bench that have a look of defeat on their faces. If you’re not getting the mintues you want or playing the role that you’d envisioned for yourself, it’s tough. But your mental approach and how you choose to handle those struggles, determine your fate- will you continue to sit the bench or will you follow my 4-point checklist and get on the floor how and when you want to?

If I can give you any advice it is to follow these 4 steps to change your situation this season and for the ones to come.

  1. Communicate
  2. Prepare
  3. Be resilient
  4. Be relentless

Control the controllables. You might not be able to control when you get in the game, but you can control your behavior on the bench and how you preform once you get in the game- if you have the right mindset.

Get my entire piece of advice in the video below! Don’t let mid-season struggles determine the rest of the season. We all have them, myself included, but it’s our mindset that determines our fate.

Is your kid disappointed with his role, or lack of opportunity this season here is a step by step process they can do to increase their roll and change the outcome!

Posted by Watts Basketball on Friday, January 10, 2020

In-season training is all about finding ways you can help your team win and preparing for the opportunities to come. Prepare yourself to excel when the opportunities arise. Don’t leave your success up to chance- join us every Saturday for position-specific workouts (each session is limited to 4 players) and change your trajectory this season!


3:30 The Art of Shooting
4:30 Point Guards
5:30 Shooting Guards/Wings
6:30 Posts

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