Many athletes set a goal I want to make the high school team, play in college, or play professional but once they set their goals the wonder aimlessly through a bunch of different activities. Spending time here spending time there chasing exposure and not being intentional or purposeful in working towards that goal. The real value in training and playing on teams is the process setting, accomplishing and achieving things that carries over in life to adulthood.  Track how your time is spent and where it is spent, and throw yourself 100% in what you are doing. Then look back to see if you have taken full advantage of time and how it is relating to what it is that you ultimately want to accomplish.  Make sure that if you’re spending the time that you are spending the time wisely and that you’re not just working hard, you’re working smart. At Watts Basketball, working smart is working towards your goals.

The Process of tracking your progress:

The Player Development sheet doesn’t only consist of basketball activities, there are outside activities that get you away from basketball but continue improve you. Example, if you’re a basketball player but you play soccer, you’re going to track the soccer workouts and put in how they help you in basketball. When you’re running up and down the field, it is helping you with your endurance for basketball. Also if you’re doing dribbling drills with a soccer ball at practice, it is helping you with your footwork for basketball. Write down and take notes on how those things are going to help you develop and how they translate into your basketball game. Also if you go to watch a high school/college basketball game, watch the intensity of the game, how many times they dribble,  and the off ball movement. Track not only the time and the hours you spent but also what you got out of the activity. Simple tracking those activities will help you to become more thoughtful and give you a greater chance of reaching your goal.



13 steps to getting recruited for college basketball


Do you have goals to play at the college level, but don't have the recruitment you want or need to get there? Or maybe you have some recruitment, but it's not at the level you dream of playing at? 

Having a blueprint of the exact steps you need to take your recruitment to the next level will help you find your missing piece and create a clear path to your goals.

Take control of your future with this 13 Step Checklist to Increase Your Recruitment - written for serious players by Coach Watts who was a D-1 and pro standout and has helped hundreds of players like you earn a college scholarship!

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