Nyasha Sarju,Yale Graduate Joins The Real Spill

August 29, 2017- Kidd & Watts are joined by Nyasha Sarju!

From Seattle, Washington, Nyasha attended Garfield high school where she was valedictorian. She continued her education in New Haven, CT and graduated from Yale University. She has recently spent time in Ireland and is finishing a Masters Degree in Sports Psychology. Her dreams of playing Division I basketball in California came to pass for an opportunity on opposite side of the United States! She is a testament to Gamechangers. For Life.

Nyasha discusses her goal to become valedictorian at Garfield high school. It was brought to her attention that there hadn’t been a black valedictorian in 15 years. She set the goal and conquered it, to prove she is more than just an athlete. She wanted to prove she can ball on the court and in the classroom.

Watts mentions the stamp society places on young women, “it’s not cute to be competitive,” as well as, “young women being afraid to make mistakes on and off the court.”

Responding to that notion, Nyasha breaks down her nature, the environment in which she was raised, she said, “People are going to say things that they’re just socialized to say, don’t let [that] get to you.”

Nyasha shares the story in which her dad tells her, “maybe you don’t want to play basketball with Zeke (her brother), you might get hurt.” She took those comments and went out and played, sure it was a challenge but she took that head on, just like everything else that was put before her. That fueled her into taking chances, striving, and believing in herself.

We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

We want to thank Nyasha for joining The Real Spill podcast as it was a pleasure!
Listen as Nyasha discusses her academic & athletic journey to the Ivy League court, her graduating from the prestigious Yale University & much more!
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