In today’s age where there is so much focus and emphasis on game play and exposure, it is important to have camps that set the foundation for skill development and enjoyment of the game. Personally, I feel like parents are devaluing these types of camps since there are so many 2 day camps and tournaments for exposure. The truth of the matter is athletes need to be prepared and have the right foundation in order to excel and take advantage of those camps and situations.


What Makes Our Camps Different?

Our camp setting is a place where players are free to express themselves, to make mistakes, and to grow from those mistakes. The environment that we create is a setting where on days the players are out of school they are either developing a passion and a love for the game of basketball, or for those who already love the game developing skill sets for maximum enjoyment of the game.

Camps Compared to Team Setting

If Watts puts on a 9-4PM camp the players are going to be involved in not only a week of skills development but also life skills development, learning more from camp with Watts then they will in a whole season. Reason being, when you play on teams on average you have 2 hour practices twice a week, mostly focused on getting the team to work together, and then games on weekends. If you think about 40 hours of camp with us (one full week 9-4) and compare that to 40 hours of team practice, here is what it would look like:

  1. Team Setting-40 hours and 10 weeks of basketball practice with 75% of the focus being on team skills.
  2. Camp Setting-40 hours and 5 days of camp with 100% of the focus being on individual skill development, having fun and enjoying the game.img_0638

Three key components that make our camp the optimal developmental experience versus team activities:

  1. The concentrated time period– 40 hours in a week vs 40 hours in 10 weeks
  2. Purpose– Identifying specific skills needed to move to the next level
  3. Experimental environment– Safe setting to take risks, make mistakes and grow

After you have experienced our camps, what you will notice when you get on the court to compete and play with your team is you will be performing new skills, new abilities and you will discover an overall new enjoyment for the game of basketball. I think that parents and coaches really need to consider the value of a quality camp and what it means to send their players to one, particularly like ours, where we really strive to have that perfect blend of work and fun for each kid based on their skill set, skill level, level of passion and enjoyment for the game of basketball.


Like I said, we either grow the love or we nourish it.

This is Donald Watts with Watts Basketball and we look forward to seeing you in the gym!

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