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Little Dribblers

Grades K-3

Focuses on the joy of being active. Players explore ball handling and dribbling in a fun group environment.



Grades 4-8

Focuses on creativity and the exploration of new basketball skills through a variety of games and competitions.



Grades 7 & Above


Camps & Clinics

All Grades


Private Training

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Skills Classes

In Skills classes players won’t just learn new skills, they will learn HOW and WHEN to transfer those skills into actual competitive situations. Each class is designed to consistently address the three parts of the game necessary for top performance; the mental, physical, and emotional components. Skills classes will take your game to the next level and increase playing time by improving technique, footwork, stamina, and body control. The Way of Watts isn’t just about teaching new skills, it’s about the tracking of specific skill development for consistent and lasting improvement.