Helping players improve their skills and use them in actual competitive situations.

A great mentor teaches the value of hard work, demonstrates the necessary skills to succeed and fosters a love for the game! So grateful to have discovered this community.


WATTS Parent

Having a good understanding of essential basketball skills is not enough. To successfully win the game, the kids must also learn when and how to implement them. At Watts, we’ll provide basketball skills training to improve their techniques, footwork, stamina, and overall body control.

Donald Watts and everyone associated with Watts Basketball not only give top quality basketball training, they understand that teaching the game is more than just skill work and playing games. They teach life skills, work ethic and the importance of being more than just a hooper.


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Knowing the basics is just half the battle in basketball. Here are three reasons why you should choose Watts for your kid’s basketball training program.


Teach kids when and how to apply basketball skills

Knowing what is nothing if you don’t know the when and how. In this Watt’s basketball skills training, we’ll show the kids the answers to these questions so they can reach their full potential.


Introduce basketball training drills to develop consistency

Anyone can get lucky and make a shot, but it takes technical know-how to get consistency. With the drills we incorporate in this program, the kids will learn that the key to success in basketball and how they can achieve it.


Acquire intangible benefits that can be adopted in life

Basketball is an activity that promotes holistic development on the health, emotional, social, and mental well-being of the players. At Watts, we look at basketball as a vehicle to a healthy and successful lifestyle for the youth.

Watts has provided my son with world class basketball training. But more importantly, Watts has used the tool of basketball to give my son the confidence and expectation that he can and will accomplish greatness in his life socially, academically and athletically.


WATTS Parent


Enhance Technique

Knowing the basics of basketball is the first step; the second is enhancing the techniques to fully optimize an individual’s performance as a basketball player. Whether it’s a simple or advanced skill training, we got you covered.

Improve Stamina

The more stamina a player have, the longer it will take them to get winded during playtime. In our basketball skills training, well show how they can improve their stamina so they can stay longer in the court.

Develop Body Control

The ability to go fast and stop in full control is a skill. Body control has to be developed young in all athletes. At Watts, we won’t focus on developing the specifics, but the overall body control a player needs.


*We have 2 divisions of this program, Future Stars (4th-6th) & Rising Stars (6th-8th).

Beginner & intermediate 6th graders we reccomend do Future Stars and competitive 6th graders do Rising Stars*

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Future Stars Trial Membership (4th-6th)

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Rising Stars Trial Membership (6th-8th)

Rising Stars Monthly Subsription Membership (6th-8th)

In need of financial assistance? We are proud to provide a limited number of scholarships, courtesy of The Watts Foundation, to ensure programming is as accessible as possible! Apply for a scholarship HERE.