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Little Dribblers

Grades K-3

Focuses on the joy of being active. Players explore ball handling and dribbling in a fun group environment.



Grades 4-8

Focuses on creativity and the exploration of new basketball skills through a variety of games and competitions.



Grades 7 & Above


Camps & Clinics

All Grades


Private Training

All Skill Level


Art of Shooting Classes

PLEASE READ BEFORE SELECTING A CLASS: We have the following 3 levels of our Art of Shooting class available to you:

Introduction- Focus on finding the “sweet spot” in your shot, develop consistent shooting form and percentage from various spots on the court, catch and shoot mastery.

Advanced- Find your perfect, automatic jump shot, learn how to get your shot off at a high level in game situations and become a consistent, effective scorer within a team offense.

Elite- Develop a lethal shooter and scorers mentality, become unstoppable as the focal point of a team offense and learn to create shots for yourself AND teammates.