Isaiah is working with players looking to play competitively at the middle school level and serve as a mentor to the next generation of hoopers.

Isaiah has grown up in the Watts system, learning the game from his father and grandfather, Donald and Slick. He is currently a starting varsity player at West Seattle High School and is being recruited by Division 1 college programs in the PNW. His magnetic personality and passion for inspiring young players is perfect for teaching the fundamentals to players with some experience with the game through those looking to play competitive middle school basketball.

“Isaiah has an innate ability to connect with people and as such, both the kids and their parents enjoy being around him. And given Isaiah’s own skill set, knowledge of the game and basketball prowess, it allows my sons to see the caliber of basketball player they can become if they continue to embrace the Watts program. But more importantly, they get to see a role model of what a great young man looks like (which is invaluable to me as a father).”


Watts Parent