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Watts Basketball is proud to have over a dozen of our trainees in College playing basketball! Our players continue to dominate the headlines this year from both College and High School levels. Special Congratulations to our West Seattle High School team for making it to State and Coach Keffrey earning Coach of the Year! We are happy to have had the opportunity to get in the gym this season and get the team prepared for a successful season. We are excited to continue to work with WSHS and can’t wait to see what next year holds.

We are so proud of the hard work our athletes have put in and are excited to share their successes with you. Watts has players from out home community of West Seattle to New Orleans that continue to excel and surpass their own expectations. We dedicate this newsletter to all our high school and college trainees that continue to prove hard work and dedication pays off. Watts Basketball is actively looking for serious players and families that dream of achieving what these individuals have on College and High School levels. If you are serious about doing what it takes to achieve your dreams of playing College basketball Watts is here to get you there.  Inquire here or email info@wattsbasketball.com for more information on College Prep workouts and Evaluations. 

Keep Up With Watts High School and College Trainees- Check out some of our trainee accomplishments this year. More to come! 

Sydney Riley-Portland State University 

  • Named “Player of the Week” two weeks in a row
  • 3rd Team All Conference
  • Leading the Country in field goal percentage for her position

Erik Thomas-University of New Orleans

  • Named Player of the Week in Southland Conference
  • Named Player of the Year in Southland Conference

Tony Miller-Seattle Pacific University 

  • SPU’s second leading scorer and re-bounder
  • Averages 20 points per game
  • 2017 GNAC Freshman of the Year

DJ Fenner-University of Nevada 

  • 2nd Team All Conference

Owen Friend-Overlake High School 

  • Conference Player of the Year
  • Named MVP for 1A Emerald City League

Lewis Pope-South Whidbey High School 

  • 1st Team All Conference
  • Player of the Year Runner Up

Mechelle Nisbet-Chimacum High School 

  • Named Olympic 1A MVP

Abbie Rathbun-Moses Lake High School 

  • 1st Team All Conference
  • Defense Player of the Year


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