August Is More Important Than July

If you’re like most high school basketball players you’ve been “in season” for the past 9 months. From November to July you’ve been with your high school team then went right into AAU season, traveling from gym to gym. August is here and now you can finally exhale however it is not the time to take a break! You have 9 months of game film, feedback and bad habits to address and only one month to do it without school obligations and distractions. Being in season can be a grueling process full of team strategy, politics, and constant “win or lose” competitions.Lavar Ball
August is by far the most important month in personal player development. August allows you to escape from the typical grind and address your specific needs as a individual basketball player without having to worry about what play a coach wants you to run. Watts Basketball’s Prep Academy wants to work with you to develop a personal plan on how best to set and achieve your goals for the ever approaching high school season. Contact us or Drop-In Wednesdays 3:30-4:45 or Saturdays 10:30-12 at the Washington Athletic Club in downtown Seattle.

Watts Basketball is Seattle’s premiere institution for player development. Through basketball, we teach strength, concentration, tenacity, and enjoyment of the game. We do all this because we believe basketball skills empower personal growth. That’s what makes us Gamechangers. For Life. To sign up for classes, camps, and clinics check out the calendar.
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