The 1998 NCAA Sweet 16 tournament was one that Husky fans will never forget.

Exactly 18 years ago the Huskies were on the basketball court playing in the Sweet 16 tournament against UCONN for a spot in the Elite 8. Donald talks about his experience that season, what it was like coming back to Seattle after knocking out Richmond and continuing to the next round, the Sweet 16, and the energizing atmosphere of the city and Husky fans.

Out of everyone, Donald Watts remembers that day like it was yesterday… hitting the 3 point shot with 30 seconds left on the clock to put the UW Huskies up one point, knowing anything can happen but hoping that would be the shot that would take them to the next round. Only to have Rip Hamilton score with no time left on the clock-sending UCONN to the next round and UW back to Seattle.

In the video below, Donald opens up about the feelings and emotions that he and his team went through after that game and how everything changed after that season…Also check out Rip Hamilton’s side of the story as he talks about how that game changed his life.

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