On January 10th, 1976, Slick Watts was named Seattle’s ‘Man Of The Year’. Today, 43 years later, the award has expanded to the annual ‘Sports Star Of The Year Award’ which fittingly will be celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Supersonics NBA championship at this year’s ceremony.

        In honor of Slick’s award and the celebration of the Sonics legacy, we throw it all the way back to that memorable day in 1976 as his son Donald and long-time friend Coach Jojo Rodriguez take a hilarious trip down memory lane. Discussing everything from Slick’s arrival in Seattle, his time with the Sonics, the unusual circumstances around the award and his continuing passion for helping the community. The award might have been 43 years ago, but the impact the ‘Man Of The Year’ has made reverberates to this day. Watch below!