Anna Wilson of Stanford and Laura Stockton of Gonzaga head into the 2019 NCAA tournament

     The Women’s edition of March Madness kicks off today. This year, the state of Washington is well represented in this elite company. There are a total of 29 players competing, including Watts trainee Sidney Rielly. These 29 represent 10 universities in this year’s edition of the women’s tournament.       

     As a member of a Sweet 16 team, I know first hand that making it to the division 1 level is rare. Earning the right to compete in the NCAA tournament is even rarer. It takes years of dedication, hard work and a little luck from every player, coach and staff member at a program. Having nearly 30 players reach this incredible achievement is inspiring. Our full list of for the men’s tournament can be found HERE

     Check out the full list below of every player, there school and when their first game is. Tune in, follow along, and see how far the representatives from the Evergreen State can go!