October 31, 2017- Christopher & Donald Are Joined By Deron Woods!

On season two the trio discuss NBA trades from the off-season, hinting to loyalty as that’s slowly dying off in the NBA. It’s all about winning rings, and for players Chris Paul, Paul George and Carmelo Anthony to name a few that’s the case.

Of course some came from bad situations, Paul George had an elite team a few years back but, Roy Hibbert fizzled off, David West went on a journey for rings (won with GSW last year) and Lance Stephenson is a ghost in a shell of his former self. Carmelo Anthony was in a rocky situation in New York as a Knick. The Knicks are doing well without him for the most part. “He had a chance to win in the place he was at, his attitude prevented him,” Donald said.

Through 8 weeks in the NFL the ratings aren’t where they used to be. According to Sports Illustrated, “NFL games have averaged 15.1 million viewers through Week 7 this season. Last year at this same time, the games averaged 15.87 ​million viewers.”

Sure the anthem protest, CTE, and other factors played a role. But could it be that it’s too much football? Sunday games including Sunday Night Football, Monday Night Football and then you reset with Thursday Night Football. Hell even look at Fantasy Football and how much it’s factored into the game.

What’s garnering a lot of attention as is the FBI’s investigation into College Basketball. The FBI uncovered mass corruption, bribery & wire fraud involving some of the sport’s top programs. It’s crazy but this is what it takes to bring in the next “LeBron James” or big superstar. But Deron wants kids to stay in their communities while in high school and grow from that stand point, “We want kids to stay in their community, build something, get that state championship within their community.”

Donald adds his comments about making a kid feel special when, he’s a kid. That goes back to, letting kids be kids, don’t put all this pressure of you’re the next big thing, chances are you’re not.

“When you make a kid feel like he’s a pro, when he’s not a pro, that’s a bad thing. You want to feel like a pro when you get drafted or when you sign a contract.”

Thank You Deron for dropping by!

We will catch y’all next later!

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