How to Get an Automatic Basketball Jump Shot

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Written by Sirikit Elebaran

December 4, 2020


Have you found your perfect basketball jump shot but still struggling to make it consistent? 

In this video, Coach Donald Watts will reveal the practical secrets that helped him go from the worst in the Pac-10 as a basketball player to being the best one. By knowing these key factors, it is not impossible to improve your shooting percentage by up to 30%. 

4 Key Basketball Jump Shot Drills

The moment you hit the gym for casual practice or a serious game, no one expects you to get a perfect shot the moment you step on the court. Here are four jump shots drills you can incorporate in your warm-up to elevate your game, making you a go-to shooter at any playground. 

1 set x 25 reps | One hand and both feet 

The first effective drill you can integrate into your pre-game routine is doing a set of 25 reps using one hand and jumping with both feet. The point is to pull the ball up off the backboard to get accustomed to throwing the ball at the basket’s height. Don’t worry about making shots on your first 25; just focus on building coordination and getting comfortable with your off-hand.

1 set – 25 reps | One hand & one foot

Once you are satisfied with the first drill, you can now move on to what we know as the oldest basketball jump shot drill in the book— using one hand and one foot. It is considered a very valuable routine, because a perfect shot in this position never fails to boost any player’s psyche. Seeing the ball pass through the rim is a delightful sight to behold, making you more motivated to try harder with each throw.

1 set x 15 reps | Hand twists at three different spots

The purpose of this drill is to build the “kinetic chain” sequence where your ankles, knees, hips, shoulders, and wrists move in an efficient way to propel you in the air during your jump shot. If you’re a beginner, it’s okay to recalibrate your throws and find the flow that best works for you.

Again, it is not required to make a perfect set— just find your rhythm. The key is to trigger your full kinetic chain working, so your body remembers the sequence in a real game setting. 

1 set x 10 reps| Footwork warm-ups

After all the shooting drills focused on aiming at the ring and getting comfortable with your off-hand, it is now time to concentrate on your footwork. This set of 10 reps aims to help you find your balance in shooting at a close-range. Do a set of front-turns or reverse pivot to get your feet warmed up and establish your stability when landing.

Take Your Basketball Jump Shot to the Next Level

Once you’re fulfilled with all of these sets, you can further level up your shooting by recalibrating the five elements to the perfect jumps shot in basketball: crouch, uncoil, lift, release and landing. When doing each part of this routine, don’t worry too much about missing your jump shot and just focus on making them as consistent as possible. 

Great basketball shooters are made, not born. Be consistent with your pre-game routines; push yourself to be more disciplined, and most importantly, do the work.

Catch the next video at Watts Basketball on Youtube, dropping on Mondays and Fridays at 5 PM weekly! Be a gamechanger, for life. 


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