How to Develop Growth Mindset in Achieving Basketball Success

growth mindset

Written by Ohmer

March 10, 2021


Nothing sets you on the path to basketball success better than a growth mindset. In a competitive field where game development leads to winning results, the right mental attitude for improvement is of paramount importance. It’s also the key that unlocks the potential in you and elevates your performance to greater heights, which culminates in sporting greatness. 

So, it should come as no surprise that every dreamer out there must develop the proper mindset for growth, and you are no exception.

To get right into it, here are several pointers from Coach Donald Watts that will be of great help in a bid to achieve the needed mentality for success.

Growth Mindset: Developing a Success-Driven Mental Attitude 

The mind shapes the way you perform on the court and even off of it. For that exact reason, it is essential to whip your mind into shape and make it so that you can handle the mental challenges on the way to success. 

Charge to experience 

Success and failure are like twisted ropes when working towards your goals because they come in turns. There will always be moments where you would feel like you’re at the highest of highs and the lowest of lows throughout the process. Now whatever comes your way, learn to take it in stride and charge it to experience. 

“Every experience — the practice experience, the competitive experience, the training experience, everything — you want to bring a mindful approach to that so that you grow faster than anybody else in the room. That’s what it boils down to,” Watts advised. 

Experience, as they say, is the best teacher; and making the most out of every experience will enhance your growth mindset. 

Be receptive to feedback 

As you go through the process of player development, it’s important to put every experience under the microscope for the purpose of gathering information. This is often conducted to help give an accurate assessment of one’s self. With that said, this doesn’t always produce a positive evaluation. In cases where you delivered subpar performances on the court, negative feedback will surely come your way. 

When met with negative results, learn to take a step back and reflect. Determine the areas of your game that needs improvements, as well as the skill departments where you proved to be a positive factor. This will lead to better outings the next time out and will contribute well to your growth mindset. 

As to how Watts put it, “The realer you are about the feedback, the more you’re going to grow up.” 

Plan ahead 

The most important element in developing a growth mindset is having a conscious effort in planning. To put it in perspective, picture yourself attempting to walk towards a place without having any clear direction on how to get there. This is where a plan comes in handy. It serves as a guide on what you need to go through in order to obtain a certain goal

“Don’t just go out there and show up and see what happens. You have to have a mindset and a plan of what it is I’m trying to get out of this particular experience, and then you go for it. You give everything that you can to try to execute that game plan,” Watts said. 

Get your mind in the game 

The mental side of Basketball is just as important as the physical aspect of the game. So, as you continue on the path of success, make sure to put a premium on a growth mindset. In due time, the goals you have set for yourself will be well within reach.

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