Basic Principles of Basketball

basic principles of basketball

Written by Aliesha

June 11, 2021


In a competitive sport like basketball, every advantage that can put you ahead of the competition should always be seized and put to good use. For that exact reason, it is a must for a hooper like yourself to learn and apply the basic principles of basketball. To get right into it, here are several foundations of the game that may change your outlook as an athlete, making you a better player on the court.

Tenets of the Game: Learning the Basic Principles of Basketball

Even in the sporting field, knowledge is power. A testament to that is the basic principles uphold in every discipline and sport out there, including basketball. So, it goes without saying that getting a good grasp of these will promote your growth and may even propel your development.

Basketball is a team sport

As obvious as it seems, countless players still put little to no care on the inarguable truth that the game of basketball is a sport geared towards drawing out the strength of a team. Simply put, it is a team sport. This means that every team member on the court must function as a unit while working towards success, instead of letting selfish desires takeover which could lead to poor chemistry and group fallout.

Also, from an individual standpoint, being a player who puts the team first can work wonders for your game, making this foundational knowledge one of the most important basic principles of basketball. After all, you develop the initiative to exert effort on building hoop skills such as passing and helping out on defense, as well as working on communication skills.

Defense is as important as offense

There is no question that offense is the most stellar aspect of basketball. Well, who wouldn’t be amazed at the high level of creativity exhibited in most, if not every scoring thrust in the game today? But just because it is eye-catching does not mean that it is the single most important part of the sport.

Truth be told, the defensive side of basketball may seem unappealing to the untrained eye, but it is just as important as offense. In other words, neglecting the practice of defense is almost a crime that you should never, ever commit as a player. If you this basic principle of basketball in mind, then you are a step closer to unlocking the two-way player within you.

Establish a good basketball knowledge and see your growth in the court! 

Practice never fails you

Another basic principle of basketball is all about putting your best foot forward in every training session that you immerse into. Yes, practice. This activity may seem less important than official basketball matches, but it still demands your full attention and effort. The reason being, it is where you hone the craft that will put you in a prime position for success as an athlete. So, work hard and work smart!

Knowledge is the Key

Now that you have learned the basic principles of basketball, it is high time to apply this foundational knowledge in your everyday life as a hooper. In due time, you will become the basketball player that you aspire to be!


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