Drills on How to Improve Basketball Ball Handling

basketball ball handling

Written by Yvette

March 30, 2021


One of the essential skills to become a solid basketball player is ball handling. It requires game knowledge and includes decision-making, dribbling, and passing of the ball. How to improve basketball ball handling is an integral part of being on top of your game. Here are drills to help players play the ball under pressure and get around opponents by swift movements around the court.


Stationary Handling Drills

Having solid fundamentals and developing excellent ball-handling skills are of the utmost importance for someone who wants to be an above-average all-around basketball player.

Help your hands become accustomed to holding the basketball before trying to make a basket. It is necessary to learn to control the ball with your fingertips far apart, and in doing so, to ensure that the ball remains between your fingertips.

Squeeze the ball with your fingertips as you rotate it back and forth from hand to hand. The ball should not come into contact with the ground or the palms of the hands. The following are some tips on how to improve basketball ball handling in a stationary position

l  Ball Slaps will strengthen your hands while also improving your grabbing abilities.

l  Finger Taps and Crossover help to improve finger agility and improve your hand speed.

l  Single Leg Ball Wraps will strengthen hand-eye coordination and endurance of the wrist.

l  Figure-8 Dribble improves handling of the ball and speed of the hand.

l  Low-Dribble Basketball Drill strengthens your fingers, improves your touch, and learn how to handle the ball.

l  Spider Dribble strengthens ball handling, speed, and coordination.

Do you want to take your basketball skills to the next level?

Two Ball Basketball Dribbling Drills

Using two balls instead of one helps us become equal in our hand-grip strength and aids in our coordination and control of the ball. It will help a player improve their speed. Some of these dribbling drills require players to go from hand to hand. The increased basketball usage will require the player to get their hands up and down the court.

By training with both hands simultaneously, the player can accomplish more because instead of alternating between hands, they can work for both hands simultaneously. Furthermore, having a basketball in each hand will ensure a lack of dominance. It will strengthen their weaker hand.

l  Two ball Pound dribbles improve the ability to control and handle the ball and hand strength.

l  Windshield Wipers enhance your dribbling, control, and timing.

l  Two-Ball Reverse Circle Dribble Drill enhances hand-eye coordination faster and overall ball handling.

l  Two-Ball Crossover Hold and Over the Top Drill ensures better coordination, greater control, quick hand-eye coordination, fast hands, and touch.

On the Move Drills 

In-game lingo, these moves include moving forward, backward and side-to-side while maintaining basketball ball handling skills.

l  Two-Ball Attack, Crossover, and Shoot More effective ball-handling, passing, dribbling, and trying to shoot off-the-the-dribble.

l  Two-Ball Crossover and Behind the Back-Drill Ball handling basketball, coordination, and overall dribbling skills can all be improved.


Efficient Basketball Ball Handling Can Change Your Game Play

With these various drills and ample practice, any basketball player can change their playing ability for the better. Nothing works better than overall body coordination, which includes ball-handling, footwork, and presence of mind. Players must master proper ball-handling to handle game pressure, aggressive defense while running the offense, and shooting some hoops.


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