Basketball Cone Drills for Skills Development

basketball cone drills

Written by Aliesha

September 13, 2021


Keep in mind, when you are trying to learn basketball, it is possible to get hurt or injured without proper supervision. Basketball cone drills are not just used for practicing dribbling skills but also to improve your endurance and explosiveness in order to create a solid base off of which eventual game skills can be taught. This means that they will eventually lead you to the conclusion of mastering an individual or even teamwork based game.

Step Up Your Game: Basketball Cone Drills to Develop On-Court Skills

Basketball cone drills are a staple when it comes to developing the skills and capabilities of an athlete on the court. It is one of the integral activities in a training regimen and has been proven to enhance the effectiveness of any hooper in a game. In case you are searching for several routines to put into practice then read further and take notes. 

Zigzag dribbling cone drill 

Zigzag dribbling cone drill basketball is a useful drill for beginners and it can also be used by young players who need to develop the technical skills of the game. The zigzag dribbling cone drill helps to review basic dribbling skills such as front and opposite leg push off, ball control, chest dribble and reverse pivot.

The cones on the floor can help a player learn to focus on his speed and surroundings instead of looking down at the floor. There are a few variations of the zig-zag drill. In some, you coach or play as if to steal the ball from your side. In others, you run opposite the dribbler along at a slower pace, providing a target for passes and a defender for penetration. The key to this drill is keeping going – going – going – until that last cone is made!

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Dribbling crossover cone drill

The crossover cone drill is one of the most effective basketball cone drills to utilize your superior speed and agility on the court. The basic version has you running towards a ball, using both hand and foot speed to score a layup or dunk. A better version involves a series of steps that you take in a triangular formation, coming together at the corner of the court to create a shorter path for the ball to travel along (this is where the term crossover comes from). 

This drill can be used in different situations: during a practice, during a game, even at a basketball tournament. Most importantly, it will help you improve your overall speed and coordination. It’s also a great drill to learn if you are looking for ways to improve your hand-eye coordination and reaction time. These drills are not difficult to perform, but they take a bit of practice. If you want to become a proficient dribbler, it’s essential that you practice this move frequently. The key to successful completion of the move is momentum and timing.

Cone touch drill

The cone touch drill is one of the greatest basketball cone drills to use for several reasons. First, it is a competition driven drill, which will help push the players harder than they would on their own. Second, it forces them to react to circumstance and will quicken their decision making process which will help in the long run in all areas of basketball. 

It also simplifies the dribbling and passing skills of your players even more. Instead of having to worry about using both hands on the ball, players have to simply use one hand to pass and keep pushing down for their next dribble. This forces them to be more accurate with their passes and also think about which hand they are going to use before they start dribbling after they receive the ball.

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Two-cone retreat drill 

The two-cone retreat drill is a basketball conditioning drill designed to help two players condition themselves for any basketball game situation. A coach divides the team into pairs of two, with each player positioned across from one another. To begin the drill, both players will dribble around their left cones, moving down towards the center of the court. 

At the halfway mark, the first pair of players will exchange positions by passing their dribble to each other. The previous dribbler then sprints to his right cone while the new dribbler begins dribbling around his left cone.

Practice for Game Improvement

Basketball cone drills can help you to quickly learn basketball moves that you could never produce before by practicing alone. They are designed to help you improve your skills one step at a time, resulting in building confidence as well as improving your techniques.


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