Basketball Shooting Drills for Increased Offensive Production

basketball shooting drills

Written by Aliesha

September 6, 2021


Basketball is a game of constant movement. You will be sprinting in one direction with the ball in another, and then you’ll be in another position with the ball in your hands again. To become the best shooter in this game, you must develop an effective shooting routine that can provide you with the required amount of practice time. The following are some basketball shooting drills that will help you improve your shooting skills.

Becoming an Effective Shooter: Basketball Shooting Drills for Scoring Efficiency 

It has long been known that shooting is the most potent offensive weapon a player can equip in one’s arsenal. The reason for this is because it allows you to score wherever on the halfcourt as long as there is ample space to catapult a shot. With that said, in order to unleash the marksman within you, the need for basketball shooting drills is a must, and here are several practices that you can try. 

One-hand shooting drill

A player shooting with the ball in a set position above the elbow can make a shorter release and pull up off the dribble for a shot in less time than if he dipped the ball and began his shot motion.

The one-handed shooting drill provides players with an opportunity to practice shooting when they are in a more aggressive shooting stance. The players perform their shooting drills with the ball in a set position above their elbow, but when they shoot, they may also add an arm rotation to add an additional element of difficulty to the drill.

The one-handed shooting drill is very simple and quick to implement, so it can be done throughout practices or during team meetings. It can help players who want to work on improving their shot timing and shot selection. 

Set shot drill 

The set shot drill is a great drill for working on your shooting technique. This drill helps you get the ball up and down quickly while also helping you to get comfortable with your stance. You can also use this drill if you are working on quick shots on the go, which is great for training when you’re in the gym without a hoop.

The idea behind this drill is to get your feet right so that you have proper balance, have good floor vision, and are not leaning forward or backward while shooting. It will help you to shoot more accurately because it forces you to focus on the mechanics of the shot.

Around the arc shooting drill

A popular shooting drill for basketball players is to find an open spot at the top of the key and shoot around the baseline. This promotes accuracy by forcing players to spot up rather than stand in place and launch jumpers. 

Start with a standing position and prepare your wrist and elbow bend. Begin shooting and keep your elbow bent and knees slightly bent. Your shooting hand must be close to the ball and you need to pass through it with your shooting hand, not your chest or head. When you feel comfortable with it, begin passing through the ball with both hands simultaneously. Then move through the same movement again using both hands simultaneously. Shoot all shots as quickly as possible for three minutes then rest before repeating this drill three times for a total of six repetitions per day!

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Free throw shooting drill 

This drill will help players develop a good shooting motion from the free throw line. Players should step out to take their shot, with both feet planted firmly on the floor and knees slightly bent. They should turn their shoulders so that they are square to the basket and keep their legs straight. The arms should be extended at a right angle from the body, with the elbows bent so that they are almost parallel to the ground.

Pivot your feet so that your body is rotating forward as you follow through with the shot, with your chest facing the basket. Keep your elbow close to your body, and extend it outward at an approximately 90-degree angle as you shoot. As you follow through, bring your arm back in toward your chest. There is no need for great speed or power in this drill. Simply getting into a good position and generating rotation of the shoulders is enough to get consistent shots off.

Elbow pull-up jumper drill 

Elbow pull-up jumpers are a quick way to develop a reliable jump shot with a consistent release point. You can easily work on your shooting form and technique with a drill like this, which takes only a few minutes.

Choose a spot on the floor where you’ll be able to make shots from every possible angle. A free-throw line is a good place, as is the area around the basket or an area near the baseline that’s covered by both of your feet. Lay down on your back with two hands behind your head, elbows bent and arms extended out to your sides.

Take a few practice shots from different angles using the same motion as in the video below. After about five reps, switch hands and repeat for several more reps.

Catch-and-shoot three-point drill

As a shooter, you should be working on your catch-and-shoot moves. These are moves that involve the ball being passed back to you after you’ve made your shot, allowing you to try again.

The first thing you have to do is have the right type of pass. The best passes are ones that go to the corner or come from behind the three-point line. If you’re playing off-screen, it’s best not to hesitate before making your move, but if your defender is under control, maybe drop off a pass early.

Next, you need to make sure you are using good form when catching the ball. This means keeping your arm extended and your elbow up, which helps make sure all parts of your body are ready for contact. Then, make sure you are making the correct decision about whether to shoot again or pass. It’s easy to get stuck in this mode where you continue to try and make the shot even though that’s not a smart strategy anymore. 

Fastbreak shooting drill

The fastbreak shooting drill is one of the great basketball shooting drills that can help players improve their offensive production. This drill works on both the quick and the controlled dribble and, depending on your schedule, it can be used as a warm-up or as a cool-down at the end of practice.

The purpose of this drill is to allow players to work on their transition offense and ball-handling skills. Coaches will want players to practice moving quickly without fouling and they will want players to work on shooting with either hand while running through multiple screens and actions.

Pick-and-roll shooting drill

A pick-and-roll drill is a way for players to work on their ability to finish strong at the basket. This drill focuses on exercising the body’s core muscles used in finishing strong at the basket, as well as other important basketball skills, such as quickness and agility.

This basketball pick-and-roll shooting drill is designed to increase your strength, conditioning, ball handling skills, quickness, and agility. By performing this basketball pick-and-roll shooting drill daily for even just 10 minutes, you can enhance your offensive game. 

Refine your shooting skills!

Pressure jump shots drill 

This is a shooting drill that will help you develop your shooting consistency. For the drill, you need someone to be your target. You can use a wall or backboard for this purpose. This shooting drill is designed to teach you how to shoot over the defender using the right shooting mechanics.

There are two parts of this shooting drill: first, practice your jump shot over the defensive player’s body; second, practice jump shooting off the dribble.

Speed shooting drill 

This speed shooting drill is a great practice opportunity that can help you develop more confidence on the offensive end. This is a great drill to do at the beginning of your season for an effective, dynamic warm-up prior to your pre-game workout.

If you want to learn how to shoot the ball faster, this will help you get there. Speed shooting drills are excellent for developing elite level players who need to generate more offense in their game. Using these drills can improve footwork, shot mechanics, and shot selection.

Refine Your Shooting Form

To develop the best shooting routine possible, there are certain shooting drills that you can use. These basketball shooting drills not only provide you with a certain level of variety when it comes to practicing your shooting form, but they also provide invaluable repetition in refining your shooting skills and developing muscle memory.


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