5 Simple Tips To Improve Your Basketball Shooting Percentage

basketball shooting percentage

Written by Aliesha

December 8, 2020


Every shot counts. In a basketball game, sometimes a shot can make or break your team’s chances of winning. The thing is, having a stable basketball shooting percentage does not come naturally.

Players invest countless hours trying to improve their shooting formula. When they have already reached that certain level of mastery, they need to work harder to maintain what they have achieved so far. 

The good news is, if you are just starting out in this field, improving your shooting skills can come easy with these simple tips.

Focus Your Eyes On The Target

Players may have the tendency to follow the flight of the ball. But this should not be the case. Look for a specific target that you think you can work on. Then, stick to that area. If you keep on changing your target, you cannot work on your shooting skills properly. 

Here are some target points you can choose from:

  • Front of the rim
  • Back of the rim
  • Imaginary center of the rim

Maintain A Good Balance

A good shooting skill does not only rely on the form of a player. This also depends on the stance or balance of your base. 

To have a stable balance, make sure that your feet are shoulder-width wide. They should be slightly away from each other with the shooting foot ahead of the non-shooting foot. 

Another factor to consider is maintaining the weight on your feet. You do not want to lean on either of them when shooting. When you are already comfortable with your stance, you can try and explore other movements that suit your taste.

Know Your Shot Pocket

One of the best ways to improve your basketball shooting percentage is to know your shot pocket. This is the most comfortable position where the beginning of a shot is made. 

Usually, this area is located around the stomach. Whenever you will catch the ball and attempt to shoot, always go back to your shot pocket before rising up. 

Warm-up Close To The Rim

As much as you can, work on your basketball drills close to the rim. This will enhance your shooting technique, rhythm, and confidence when taking shots. 

It is okay if you want to be a 3-point shooter. However, in order to achieve this, you must be a great shooter first from a five feet distance.

Take Note of Your Workouts

If you want to see improvement in your shooting percentage, you must keep track of your basketball workout plan. Make sure to record the number of misses and scores you have. This will help you monitor how fast or slow you are improving. 

Moreover, when you keep a note of what you are doing in the court, you will know your weak and strong points. You may look at these records as a motivation to keep going and improve even more. 

Practice Makes Perfect

Nothing comes easy for basketball players. The athletes you adore in the court shed sweat and tears before they even became superstar shooters. The same goes for you. As long as you keep on challenging yourself to be better, you will definitely see an improvement in your basketball shooting percentage. 


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