When it comes to basketball shooting, there is no one correct way to do it. Still, the foundation of an effective jump shot hinges on five mechanical elements — the crouch, uncoil, lift, release and landing. Learning all of these will lead you to the path of mastering the art of shooting. 

In this video, Coach Donald Watts, who previously tackled the first three elements, will take you through the process of perfecting your release and landing. This will then be followed by a phase of uniting all the elements into your mechanics for that picture-perfect jump shot. 

Basketball Shooting: Release and Landing

  • Finger Pad Control

The execution of your shooting release starts the moment a ball reaches your hand off the catch or off the dribble, and this is where the Finger Pad Control comes into play. 

When getting a hand on the ball, it is important to use your fingertips rather than letting it sit on your palm. This gives you a better grip over the ball once you start to bring it over your shoulders before releasing it towards the basket. The control that you get out of this also elevates the release’s effectiveness, making it a key point throughout the execution.

  • Shooting release

For shooting a basketball release, it is best to learn and perform it with the rest of the elements, incorporating the crouch, uncoil, lift, and landing, which needs to be done with both feet on even pressure at the same time. 

In order to do this, you need to practice your complete shooting form 20 times. But, here’s the catch — it should not be done with a basket. In other words, execute all the elements in one motion without having to target the rim. The purpose of this is to take away the pressure of making and missing shots while you try and get a solid grasp of your jump shot through repetition. 

Once the 20-reps practice drill is complete, put your shooting mechanics to the test by executing it with a basket. This is where hundreds upon thousands of practice shots come in. 

But for starters, try to at least pull off 50 to 100 shots in close-range, where the focus is on execution, not the result. In all, always keep in mind that working on your shooting form is not about the makes or misses, rather it is about generating a pure flow of movement that you can effectively use in-game situations.

Get The Most Quality Reps Up 

One way to excel in your basketball shooting game is to get quality reps. This can be achieved by focusing on the five elements of a perfect jump shot. Moreover, practicing these routines also means getting it into your mental approach so you can be unstoppable in the court. 

In the next videos, Coach Watts will talk about how to approach working out, shooting on a daily basis, and working on your footwork. All these on top of being mentally prepared to get in the game.

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