Point Guard Basketball Tips to Become Efficient in Game

point guard basketball

Written by Aliesha

June 14, 2021


The sport of basketball has developed into a strategic game over the years. Game plans and contingencies are more complex and abundant than ever, raising the need for a reliable leader to keep everything in check on the court. No one could ever shoulder such a responsibility better than a point guard basketball player.

From surveying the floor, reading the defense, and calling shots on the fly, a point guard has no shortage of duties to focus on. In case you are looking to upgrade your capabilities at this point, here are effective tips you can put into practice to become efficient in the game.

Role Enhancement: Pointers to Become Efficient as Point Guard Basketball Player

By all accounts, becoming a solid point guard is no easy task. Still, it does not mean that it is impossible to be exceptional at it. All you need to do is to work hard and work smart through the help of these tips.

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Be aware of your team’s strengths

The number one priority of a point guard basketball player is to generate the offensive thrust of a team. To do so, you must have a good grasp of the capabilities of your teammates. This includes learning of their scoring tendencies, sweet spots on the court, and even their go-to moves to better set the team up on offense.

Aside from that, as an aspiring point guard like yourself, you should also be aware of your own strengths on the court, be it in distributing the ball or putting the ball in the basket. In relation to this, having knowledge of your strengths can help you focus on improving your weaknesses, leading to the betterment of your game.

Eyes on the court, away from the ball

Every point guard basketball player must have their eyes glued on each play that transpires on the court. The reason for this is simple: to better react and respond to the strategies of the opposition. In order to do this, you must put in the work on your handles.

Indeed, developing your ball handling wares can heighten your focus on the competition since you don’t have to worry about losing the ball or mishandling it. From dribbling to passing, the usual movements you execute must be refined to make it second nature, giving you the luxury to have a better feel of the game.

Unlock your best potential in the floor!

Be receptive to guidance

No matter how good you become as a point guard basketball player, learning from the ones before you are nothing but beneficial to see a spike in game efficiency. In other words, be a sponge who can soak in knowledge from coaches. To put things in perspective, there are plays that only a coach on the sidelines can notice. By listening to their insights and advice, you can become more efficient in the game.

Game Improvement

As a point guard basketball player, these tips are nothing but a guide on how to become more efficient on the floor. At the end of the day, it is up to you to how you will make the most out of the gained knowledge to unlock the potential in you.


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