The Importance of Having a Go-To Shot

having a go-to shot

Written by Ohmer

April 21, 2021


In basketball where finding ways to score is an essential element of success, having a go-to shot matters. Just take a look at the game of two of the greatest scorers to ever step foot on the court in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, who both had the fadeaway to lean on when they need to score arises. In perspective, it’s a weapon that every player must have in their arsenal, and you’re no exception.

If you’re still doubtful whether a single offensive move can make all the difference, here are three important reasons to set you on track of coming up with one.

Scorer’s Specialty: Significance of Having a Go-To Shot

A go-to shot, as its name goes, is a tool that a player pulls out of his or her repertoire to produce a surefire basket. It can be any offensive trick, as long as the user gains mastery over it. In truth, being in possession of such a move can provide advantages in more ways than one.

Learn your advantage in the court!

Build self-confidence

Scoring at will takes up a lot of confidence in one’s capabilities. To that end, having a go-to shot is exactly what you need to build a strong belief in yourself. How? Well, to develop such a move, countless hours in practice is necessary. This means that you’re bound to work on the fundamentals of a certain shot over a long period of time, which sharpens your game in the process and causes you to have more faith in yourself.

The confidence you develop in practice can then be carried over in game situations. For example, if your team is in dire need of a bucket to quench a scoring drought, you’d have the resolve to take charge because you have a move to bank on.

Earn the trust of the team

There are various ways to make your team recognize you as an instrumental cog in the offensive system, one of which is having a go-to shot. If you have a scoring tool that you can provide on the table, the coaches and teammates are more than willing to utilize you on the court. Take for example a guard, whose go-to shot is floaters. The team is sure to count on the player’s scoring prowess, drawing up plays to open up chances to make use of the go-to shot.

Produce winning results

As a basketball athlete, close games are inevitable. There will surely come a situation where you will figure in a last-minute tussle to secure a win, be it a possession to break a tie or reclaim the lead. In such pressure-laden scenarios, having a go-to shot is crucial. The reason for this is because it is a shot that you should practice to perfection. In other words, it will be carved in your muscle memory to the point that you’d be able to execute it even under pressure. And clutch shots have long been proven to lift countless teams over the hump.

Lock and Loaded

Having a go-to shot puts you in a prime position to let loose a scoring barrage on the court. So, take the time to develop one and be unstoppable!


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