What is a Rebound in Basketball?

what is a rebound in basketball

Written by Aliesha

August 30, 2021


A rebound can be defined as one of the opportunities for the hooper to score points after they missed a shot. If you want to be an efficient player who scores lots of points, then you should get used to rebounding. By studying rebounds in basketball, you will actually improve your game significantly. The better you are at rebounding, the more points you get to score during the game. If you want to learn more about what is a rebound in basketball, read on. 

Delve into Sports Lingo: Learning What is a Rebound in Basketball

Believe it or not, a rebound can impact a game as much as scoring a point. It is an important part of the game that every hooper must put a premium on. But in case you have no idea what a rebound is in basketball, then it is high time to learn of it as you develop as a hooper.

In-depth definition of a rebound

What is a rebound in basketball? A rebound is different from an assist in that it is specifically awarded to a player who retrieves the ball after a missed field goal or free throw, not one who causes the ball to be stolen by a teammate who then shoots successfully. Rebounds are credited to a specific player and can be offensive or defensive. This can be done on offense by obtaining the loose ball after a shot is missed (offensive rebound) or on defense, after a shot attempt, blocked shot, or turnover (rebounding).

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How can rebounds impact the game 

Rebounds change the tempo of a game and give your team more possessions to score, thus increasing your chance to win. Teams that play strong defense and rebound well often find themselves atop the standings at the end of the season. A team that has a bad rebounder or no rebounder at all will surely find it hard to get enough defensive stops to win games.

When asking what is a rebound in basketball, most would say that it can change the course of a game. Since rebounding often results in good fast-break opportunities, it can also result in a higher shooting percentage. The ball never goes out-of-bounds so there is no stoppage to the action.

Types of rebounds

Offensive rebounds

An offensive rebound occurs in basketball when an offensive player misses a field goal attempt, misses the free throw, or commits a foul that isn’t either a shooting foul or a technical foul. The offensive team gets possession of the basketball, and the ball is considered live. The offensive team also gains possession of the ball to begin a new play. Like all rebounds, it does not count as a personal or defensive rebound if the ball is retrieved by anyone other than the person who was initially fouled or conceded the missed shot. 

Defensive rebounds

Defensive rebounds are defined as that which occurs after an offensive player has missed a put-back or rebounded their own missed free throw attempt. It is possible to tip the ball to oneself off the rim, but this is not sufficient contact to qualify as a rebound. A defensive rebound can be grabbed by either a defensive player or by a player on the offensive team who remains in the immediate vicinity of the basket, usually slightly off-center under the rim.

Be an efficient player out there!

How to get better at rebounding

There are several ways that basketball players can enhance their skills to be better at rebounding. Here are some tips you can apply: 

Integrate a box-out technique

Essentially, the box-out technique is an approach to positioning your body for easy rebounding. When you integrate this into your practice, you’ll notice that you don’t have to jump as high, are able to move opposing players out of the way more easily, and can improve your ability to grab rebounds.

Strengthen the vertical leaping ability

Athletes should spend time training for specific drills that will help them improve their vertical leap. Improving your vertical leap is part of improving your overall rebounding ability. Focusing on vertical leaping is integral to improving your vertical jump because it improves not only your leg speed for your jump off the ground but also increases the strength of your muscles in the legs. 

Keep eyes locked on the ball 

One of the major components to becoming a great rebounder is keeping your head up while you go after the ball. This will help you watch the ball while also watching your opponents at the same time. If you have your eyes up while rebounding, you’ll always know if an opponent is near the basket.

Control the Game

Knowing what is a rebound in basketball will help you be more in control of the game, increase your shooting percentage, and help you be the best player you never thought you could be!


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