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the watts academy

Written by Aliesha

August 6, 2021


The Watts Academy is a one-of-a-kind opportunity for basketball players to develop their skills and become well-rounded young men. Regardless if an athlete is preparing for his freshman year in high school or college, the Watts Academy will support their personal and academic goals. 

This is not just a basketball academy. The learning takes place on and off the court. To bring out the very best in players, the academy’s staff is comprised of talented professionals and role models who understand the world of recruiting with elite connections to college coaches and professional players. That’s exactly what Watts Academy can offer. 

The Watts Academy: Your Ticket to Elite Training

The Watts Academy is designed for the player that wants to take their game to the next level. It takes commitment to development and gives you the opportunity to train year-round, with our elite coaching staff. Whether you’re looking to increase your competitiveness, or just have fun with the sport, The Watts Academy program can help.

What is The Watts Academy?

Watts Academy offers expert coaching that is both technical and tactical in nature. This basketball program is led and created by veteran coach and former basketball player, Donald Watts. The team behind the academy has a wide range of experience, knowledge, and expertise to ensure each student-athlete reaches their full potential.

Basketball is a game that requires a high level of skill, teamwork, the ability to communicate effectively with teammates and coaches, along a talent for performing consistently under pressure. Basketball training at the Watts Academy focuses on developing these skills. 

The Watts Academy uses deep knowledge of human and child development to maximize the impact of training in basketball. From athlete training and skills development to character development, the core services offered by The Watts Academy will help to filter out those who have not yet adopted the necessary work ethic, while instilling values that promote success in life and on the court. 

Benefits of The Watts Academy

Most basketball players dream of becoming professional players. However, a lot of them are not aware that there are several schools that can help improve their skills through their basketball programs. One of these schools is The Watts Academy.

Individualized training program

Watts Academy is designed for the serious athlete looking to become a better overall player. The program is individually tailored to each player so they can tackle areas of weakness and work towards their goals in a flexible, yet purposeful and disciplined manner. The professional coaches take players through specialized training that creates an environment where players see results, which in turn enhances confidence and improves their game.

Mastery over every aspect of the game

The academy is committed to developing this multi-dimensional way of training. Using a fluid competition roster, players learn and master different roles. This high-level approach allows the team to provide the ultimate development experience for all players—not only in their individual game but also as part of a larger squad.

Diverse training for enriched, deep learning

Young players who sign on with this program have the opportunity to develop their skills while surrounded by peers of equal skill levels. This allows them to learn from each other and to share techniques and strategies. Since no one is much better than the others, the kids feel that they are all on an even playing field and this gives them a chance to learn from one another.

Furthermore, this academy is designed to help players improve their skills in a fun and focused environment where they can compete with other players around the world. Watts Academy is based on the principles of positive peer pressure and encouragement, which aim to motivate players to improve their own gameplay as much as possible. 

Who Can Join The Watts Academy?

The Watts Academy caters to children and teenagers alike. While they may be under the same camp, the academy creates specific training programs based on the players’ age and skills. 

Grade 7 to 8

The training program for grades 7 to 8 provides the coaching and training essential for the improvement in sportsmanship, fundamentals, and technique. With expert instruction from teachers with professional playing backgrounds, students have the opportunity to grow individually and compete as a team. This training is a necessity in the development of children that want to be professional in basketball. It not only enhances their level of play but also will make them be disciplined and train well.

It is a must for grade 7 to 8 basketball players because they can’t just live on their natural ability alone. There are so many skills that are needed in order to master a basketball game, that you will only be able to perform well if you’ve taken part in basketball training at an early age.

Start your basketball journey right with Watts Academy! 

Grade 9 to 10

For grades 9 to 10, the basketball program is designed by experienced coaches to develop young players between the ages of 12-15 to reach their full potential and to leave the academy prepared to play in high school. In this program, they will learn fundamentals, techniques, game strategies, physical training, and mental preparation. 

The aim of the program is to provide all children with an enjoyable and rewarding experience while developing their potential as basketball players. The program will provide all children with an opportunity to play a wide range of training ranging from recreational to professional. The program will also provide an opportunity for parents and coaches to spend more time focusing on the academic aspects of the game while developing children’s technical skills in order to help them make better decisions under pressure situations. 

Grade 10 to 12

Grades 10 to 12 players will be exposed to the top-level coaches and players, leading to competition with the top teams in their area. This academy provides a wide range of exposure opportunities to basketball schools. Academy participation may also grant participants an advantage in an academic competition, as well as access to college scholarships and financial aid. The emphasis on teamwork and academic achievement is vital in developing participants into confident young executives who can succeed in their chosen careers.

Watts Academy Membership

The Watts Academy offers two types of memberships: Outside AAU Team and All-Inclusive. These two programs include year-round training and academy exclusive events and opportunities. Let’s take a look at the difference between the two and what type of membership best suits you. 

Outside AAU Team

The ability to train with Watts Academy and play outside the AAU program of your choice is one of the inclusions of this membership. This program features some of the top young talents in the southland from around the country. The Outside AAU Team membership is the best way for children to develop as basketball players, and give them the best possible opportunity to earn a college scholarship. 

This program provides year-round training, individual development planning, progress tracking, at-home programming, priority registration and 50% off all programs and clinics, recruitment strategy and planning, position-based skills curriculum, in-house competition opportunities, and choice of 3 or 4 training per week.


Watts’ All-Inclusive Program is set up to enable competition opportunities to play with Watts in local and nationwide tournaments. Students will have the opportunity to participate in competitive basketball leagues against other clubs and teams.

This all-inclusive program also offers year-round training, individual development planning, progress tracking, at-home programming, priority registration and 50% off all programs and clinics, recruitment strategy and planning, position-based skills curriculum, in-house competition opportunities, and choice of 3 or 4 training per week.

Enroll Now!

The Watts Academy has all the necessary training that every aspiring basketball player will need to be unstoppable on the court. If you are interested in making your skills more advanced, enroll now in the academy! 


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