The Outlook for Seattle Youth Sports this 2021

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Written by Yvette

March 18, 2021


Last year was tough for a lot of people. Not being able to go about their regular routines, adjusting to new ways of living, locked down at homes, and no chance of meeting up with friends and relatives take a toll on the majority. Now, many people in our community are wondering what 2021 will be like. With many of us hoping for the better, Coach Watts joins Ian Furness to talk about the Seattle youth sports situation, the available basketball programs, and why sports are essential for the community.

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Sports and its Role in the Community and Development of Youth

A lot of people realized the importance of sports to the community, most especially to the youth during the pandemic. It makes building friendship and bringing communities together possible. Through training and watching games, coaches and families get together to support budding athletes and create lasting bonds- connections that extend outside the court.

In the USA, youth sports remain a priority among families for the holistic development of their kids. Engaging in these physical activities keeps young people fit and helps foster their mental, emotional, and social health. Through sports, young people develop a love for the game while gaining values to help them later on in life. They acquire confidence, leadership abilities and learn the importance of determination, teamwork, and patience.

Seattle, like many states across the USA, has been badly affected by the Covid-19 pandemic. Due to this, the benefits communities gain from sports standstill with closure and cancellation in every corner. Kids, families, and peers were denied from the communal culture of sports. There are far less opportunities for the community to develop friendships when watching sports together and much fewer chances for our young people to have connections that come from playing together and engaging as a team.

Rolling Out Seattle Youth Sports Programs Safely

With good progress in getting the Covid-19 virus under control, a general sense of hope persists in the sports world. Even though the chance for jam-packed stadiums and the court is still not in the clear, the good news is that Seattle youth sports programs are back.

As sports programs are back in operation, of course, under the strict implementation of guidelines, many are looking forward to having a sense of normalcy back into their daily routine. This gradual opening of sports programs will aid in reversing the negative impact of the virus on young people’s well-being.

It will get better from here on. Sporting events next year are projected to be more engaging than what we have now as long as the efforts to mitigate the Covid-19 pandemic go steadily or faster until the end of this year.

Get Your Kid Back to Sports

Everyone is eager is to get back sports into their routine, and we at Watts camp are doing what we are capable of to make it happen for our coaches, aspiring young athletes, and families. With safety as our top priority, we have certain modifications on our basketball programs like team clustering, social distancing, etc. But rest assured that your child will get their much-needed sports experience. If you’re ready to get your kid back on track, here are the basketball programs we offer.

Also, if you have a senior or you’re a senior looking to increase your chance of playing college basketball, get evaluated, and we’ll lay out a program for you. Remember, even amid adversity; hard work is undefeated. Be a game-changer now.

Ready To Foster Holistic Development For Your Child Through Basketball?


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