4 Questions to Help Determine How To Find Your Path

find your path

Written by Aliesha

March 16, 2021


When it comes to achieving success in basketball and life in general, there is no one correct recipe for it. The formula is different from person to person. Still, there are several ingredients that can help get you all set for the future, one of which is the knowledge on how to find your path.

Just because a road works for others doesn’t necessarily mean that it can also take you to places. At the end of the day, the avenue that works best for you is all that matters. With that said, Coach Donald Watts introduces you to four important questions that will help you determine how to find your career path.

Find Your Path: Asking Directions in Basketball and Life

If you have a goal in mind without having any clue how to get there, learn to pause and reflect. Ponder on the decisions that you have yet to come up with a clear answer. Sometimes, the direction that you need is found within you.

Where am I at?

When you have an end goal in mind, it’s important to determine your current position as well as the progression you’ve made from the starting point. The reason for this is because keeping track of where you’re at serves as a crucial component in formulating a plan for the future, in which you decide on the necessary steps to find your path.

To put things in perspective, a student-athlete, who has the skills and physical tools to dominate in his or her current competitive field, aims to play at a higher level. By acknowledging the current level he or she is at, one will be able to decide the next course of action in preparation for the next level.

Where do you want to go?

To find your path, you should have a clear vision of where you want to go. As a student-athlete, this not only pertains to the career destination you have set in life, but also every step you take along the way.

In other words, it concerns the viewpoint you have when deciding on the programs you want to spend a certain level at, high school and college in particular. In all, there are several short stops in the path towards your goals and you have to determine where to invest time and energy on.

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What do I need to get there?

Now that you have determined where you’re at and where you want to go, the next question to ponder on in order to find your path is what needs to be done to move forward. While putting in the work may seem like the best answer, there are still various things to consider as an athlete. These include the kind of training to undergo, the amount of time and effort to put in, and even the sacrifices that need to be made.

What route do I want to take?

As you forge ahead towards the destination you want to go, the route you take influences your progression while attempting to find your path towards success. After all, the experiences you will face can impact your development, mindset, and attitude.

Watts also emphasized that when choosing a route to take towards your goal, it should be the one that “best prepare you so you get there on time but when you get there, you’re ready to be successful.”

Gain Ground

If you want to succeed in basketball and life, remember that it is not an obligation to follow the trail that others have paved. You have the right to find your path and reach your goals through it. 


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