Are you struggling to get your step back jump shot in during one of your basketball games? In today’s blog, Coach Donald Watts will teach you the steps on how to do a step back jump shot— a move to help you get your shot through any defender regardless of their size. He will also talk about how to create space and launch an open shot in a one-on-one situation against anyone.

Let’s get started.

What Is A Step Back Jump Shot?

A basketball step back jump shot is a move that can offer players a clear look at a rim, with a high percentage of going in. Why? It is because this move also naturally keeps the shooter stay on balance, without worrying about the defender contesting the shot.

Essentially, if a step back is done correctly with the right footwork and the right speed, it allows any offensive player to create tons of separation space to do with as they please.

Steps On How To Do A Step Back Jump Shot

Sell The Drive

In shooting a step back jump shot, the first and most important thing you have to do is sell drive. The goal is to make the defender from the opposing team to think as if you’re driving to the basket. 

Get Into The Defender

Make sure that you are lower than the defender so gain more leverage. If a defender slides to block you, dip your shoulder and continue to sell the drive. This stance will give the defender no choice but to continue moving forward when you stop, allowing you to step back and create distance as you prepare for your jump shot.

Observe proper foot placement. Drive right into the defender. Basketball is a contact sport, not a collision sport. You don’t want to collide with the defender, but you should both be moving in the same direction.

Straight Up On The Shot

Once enough space is created, there would be enough room to get a high percentage jump shot. If good separation and distance aren’t created on the move, players are forced to fade from the defender. This will result in shots falling short and decreases shooting percentage.

Basketball Step Back Jump Shot, in a nutshell

1.      Get low

2.      Create contact

3.      Create separation or space

4.      Tune into the elements of a perfect jump shot (crouch, uncoil, lift, release, landing) to shoot with outstanding balance and rhythm.

Want to learn more about the Art of Shooting? Check out these videos on How to Achieve the Perfect Jump Shot and How to Get the Perfect Rhythm & Balance for Your Jumpshot

Whenever you find it difficult to “get by” when playing offense, you must learn to “get away” from the defender to create enough space to score. The step back jump shot an excellent counter move to master, and with persistent practice and repetition, this move can provide a solution to those tough players you will soon face at higher levels.

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