Basketball Advanced Skills to Elevate Game Performance

Basketball advanced skills

Written by Aliesha

May 14, 2021


In pursuit of sporting excellence on the court, learning the fundamentals is simply not enough. You must invest time and effort to hone your craft in order to flourish as an athlete, and the training activities that you need to focus on should revolve around the development of basketball advanced skills to make drastic improvements.

So, as a budding talent like yourself who is on the lookout for effective ways to become elite on the court, the necessary step for growth lies in building a high-level skill set. With that said, Watts Basketball provides you the knowledge on the advanced techniques to propel your game to greater heights.

Level Up Your Game: Basketball Advanced Skills to Become Elite On the Court

The success of an athlete can be attributed to one’s mastery of skills. So, it should not come as a surprise that every hooper aims to refine their arsenal to become more potent on the court, and you must be no exception. Learn about the basketball advanced skills and progress will soon come your way.

Wide selection of passes

In basketball, a pass can open up countless scoring opportunities. For this reason, having a reliable passing package at your disposal makes you a vital operator on the court for any team.

From the basic forms such as the chest, bounce, and over-the-head passes to the advanced variations like the behind-the-back dish and the no-look feed, the selection of passes that you can learn and master in the game is as wide as it gets. The more you become adept at each kind of passes, the more you will grow as a player.

Safe to say, passing is one of those basketball advanced skills that you should never pass up.

Faking a shot

Converting a shot in the face of a hard-nosed defender is no easy task. That is the reason why you should be prepared to pull out one or two basketball advanced skills on offense when the need arises. Among the techniques that you can lean on, a shot fake is arguably the simplest yet reliable one to use.

A shot fake, as its name implies, is when a player pretends to shoot a basket to throw the defender off guard. This is relied upon by many of the best scorers in the game to get a shot up without any contest from the opposition.

Crossover dribble

In relation to the shot fake, the crossover dribble is among the other basketball advanced skills that you can use on offense to outplay a defender. It may seem complicated for beginners since it has many variations, but best to believe that nothing creates separation in the game better than it.

For starters, the crossover focuses on switching direction through a dribble combination. It can be used to evade the defense, open up scoring opportunities, and even make the crowd go wild when executed in a proficient manner.

Become a great player and take your game to a whole new level!

Practice Makes Perfect

There is no question that these basketball advanced skills can make you a great player. But do keep in mind that it takes time and effort to learn each one of them, much less gain mastery over all of them. So, make time for practice and work as hard as you can. Better yet, join the Advanced & Elite Basketball Camp of Watts Basketball to further take your game to a whole new level.


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