Essential Skills to Train in Basketball for Kids

Basketball for kids

Written by Aliesha

July 2, 2021


Basketball is not just a fun game and exercise for kids but an essential sport. It provides a variety of benefits such as physical fitness, motor skills development and it helps them forge the character to become good citizens. Here are some essential skills to train in basketball for kids to get them started in the right direction. 

Building a Strong Foundation: Fundamental Skills to Train in Basketball for Kids 

The core of player development in basketball lies in the foundation. Having a good grasp of the basic skills of the sport will work wonders for every aspiring hooper out there, and your children are no exception. So, build a solid foundation by training these fundamental skills in basketball for kids.


Being able to shoot well is helpful in numerous ways. It can develop good hand-eye coordination and help your overall game. It can help develop your ability to read the floor and anticipate what your opponents are going to do. It can help develop your overall balance and coordination. It can develop your agility and explosiveness. 

How can you improve shooting in basketball for kids? Start practicing! Pick a specific target, repeat it a couple of times, then go at it some more. When you get good at it, make a goal of getting as many shots as possible in a row as well as making a certain number of moves in a row without taking a break. Then build up your momentum and practice shooting all sorts of different things. 


While it might not be something you think about a lot when you’re playing pick-up basketball, passing is an essential skill for anyone who plays organized sports. You need to know how to get your teammates involved without dribbling the ball around on your own every time down. 

This doesn’t mean that the kids should be allowed to just run around and shoot jump shots all day long. However, passing is something they can learn and become very good at if they commit to it. It is something they should practice daily, and if they want to get better at it then it should be a part of their daily routine.

Help your kid be a pro in the court!


There are three primary ways a child can develop the dribbling skills necessary to be successful in the game of basketball. The first and most important is by practicing regularly. A basketball court is an excellent place to develop these skills because it has both short and long distances. At any given time, a player must be within range of his or her teammates on the court in order to be successful. 

As the ball handling skills improve over time, make it a point to teach your children new tricks. Expand their dribbling package by introducing more complex combinations. In the process, the young hooper will be able to move and react well in a game even when a swarm of defenders is present. 

Practice Makes Perfect

The more a child practices basketball, the better they get at it and the more confident they will be about their athletic abilities.


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