Nothing allows a scorer to get off a high-percentage shot better than space. A sliver of separation from the defender gives you a clear look at the rim, a scoring attempt with little to no contest, and the confidence to score at will. So, it should come as no surprise that every hooper must learn how to create separation through the use of reliable basketball moves.

If you are on the lookout for simple yet effective offensive techniques to free yourself from swarming defenders, then you have found the right place. Here are several moves that you can equip into your arsenal to make ample space to score.

Space to Operate: Creating Separation with Good Basketball Moves to Learn for Hoopers

When taking part in ball games, there should be no shortage of offensive techniques to shake off defenders and produce a basket at will. For this to happen, you need to expand your hoop knowledge and master the craft. So, take the first decisive step and learn these moves.

Crossover dribble

When it comes to creating separation through ball handling, who are the players that come into mind? You might have probably thought of Kyrie Irving, Allen Iverson, and Stephen Curry, all of whom have established themselves as high-volume scorers with elite crossovers.

Having mentioned this, the crossover dribble is arguably the most effective and relied upon a technique to make space, proving to be one of the good basketball moves to learn. It focuses on switching the ball from one hand to the other in a swift manner. This also comes in various variations that you can learn and perfect, ranging from the standard crossover, the killer crossover, and the behind the back combo, among others.

Step back jump shot

Most, if not all, of the elite scorers in the game, have mastered the art of the step back jump shot. The reason for this is simple — it creates separation between you and the opposing defense, giving you a chance to score over the outstretched arms of opponents without much of a hitch.

Several testaments to the effectiveness of this move are the scoring onslaughts of James Harden, Luka Doncic, and Steph Curry in the NBA, where most of their shots come in the form of step back jumpers. Needless to say, it is one of the good basketball moves to learn when in need of separation techniques.

Hone your abilities and be unstoppable in the court!

Spin move

Among the good basketball moves to learn on this list, the spin move is the one that requires the most solid body control and execution to pull off. This dribbling technique, as its name implies, focuses on rotating the body through sharp footwork and a quick power dribble to get around the defender. It is best used when driving towards the basket, but it can also be used if a defender is putting pressure on you in transition or beyond the three-point line.

Sharpen Your Weapons

Now that you have taken note of all these good basketball moves to learn for creating separation, the next step is to step foot on the court and put in the work to practice and hone your execution. By doing so, you will be prepared to bust out these moves in game situations and become unstoppable!

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