Nothing creates separation in the game of Basketball better than the crossover dribble. It is a technique that focuses on switching direction through ball-handling, making it one of the most relied upon moves in the hoop scene. It is effective and has a wide selection of variations that you can add to your repertoire. 

While it makes any player an unguardable force on the court, no one gets to learn and equip this skill in an instant. It takes countless hours of grueling practice, determination, and dedication to the craft. If you are willing to put in the effort to acquire it, here are several drills that you can work on. 

Crossover Dribble Drills: Master The Art of Creating Space 

Mastering crossover dribble can be intimidating if you don’t dedicate your time and passion to get better in this area. So, here are some drills you can try on.

Take your crossover dribble skill a notch higher! 

Stationary Crossover Drill 

Building a firm foundation in fundamentals is the recipe for success in the sport, and this applies even when mastering a certain skill. So, the drill to begin within the path of perfecting the crossover dribble is the stationary crossover drill. Here is how you perform it: 

  • Start in a low athletic stance while keeping your shoulder-width apart.  
  • Pound the dribble with your dominant hand before dribbling it to the opposite hand. 
  • Execute the same pound dribble with your weak hand before dribbling it back to the dominant hand. 
  • Repeat the process as many times in 60 seconds. Do this for three to five sets with a 20-second rest interval. 

Take note: When conducting the drill, always remember to keep the ball low and close to the body to enhance effectivity. 

Straightline Crossover Drill 

There are instances in a game where you will have to take on a full-court press while handling the ball. When this happens, it is best to have a series of crossovers to evade defenders. To put this into practice, the straightline crossover dribble drill is the way to go, and here are the steps to it. 

  • Find an empty court or open space to practice. 
  • Begin in a low athletic stance with shoulder-width apart at one end of the training ground. 
  • Dribble hard with your dominant hand before executing drop footwork with your dominant leg. 
  • Follow it up with the crossover dribble, which goes from the dominant hand to the weak hand. 
  • Then, pound the ball with your weak hand before performing drop footwork with the corresponding leg. 
  • Do a crossover dribble again, this time with the ball going from the weak hand towards the dominant hand. 
  • Repeat the process until you complete the course of the court or open area. Do this for three to five sets with 20-second rest in between. 

Cone Drill 

    To further enhance the execution of the crossover dribble basketball technique, take the straightline crossover drill to another level by incorporating cones on the training area. In other words, the difference between the cone drill and the previous one is the inclusion of obstacles to serve as defenders. 

    While the process is almost the same as the straightline crossover drill, the positioning of the cones is what sets it apart. For one, the cones can be arranged based on the pattern of attack that you want to practice. This could be in a straightline or a zigzag. Still, regardless of the practice approach, the cones must be at least three feet apart for you to have room to operate.


    The crossover dribble drills are tailored to make your work on the skill over and over again. The reason for this is because repeated practice helps you ingrain the move into your muscle memory, which will allow you to execute a series of crossovers in game situations as if it is second nature. Trust the process and get better in no time!

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