How to Effectively Use Hook Shot in Basketball

hook shot

Written by Yvette

March 15, 2021


The Hook Shot is a shooting technique popularly used by NBA player Kareem Abdul-Jabbar to score hoops throughout his career. Though rarely seen in the court nowadays, a hook shot is useful in guarding your ball against the defender since it’s easy to block it. Honestly, this shot is not that easy to execute, but it can be a game changer with ample practice.

You may think that this type of shot is only for post players and taller players, but it can be an excellent counter-attack for other positions and undersized players to shoot over taller defenders. Read on to find out how you can proficiently use this technique for more basket shots.

Follow These Steps to Execute the Hook Shot

The basketball hook shot uses one arm to shoot the ball where the dominant shooting hand is raised in a vertical position above the player’s head. Since it is a hard shot, you must have the right angle, position, and speed to let that ball in the ring. Start your practice by doing the shot near the basket and progress by stepping further away from it.

1.      Get your Position Right

When doing the hook shot, your body must not face the ring directly. Start by positioning yourself sideways so that your shooting hand is far from the basket. A good 2-3 feet distance is ideal, but some may do it at a greater distance. Your arm not used for shooting must be used to make a distance between you and the defense. This position will make it hard for the opponent to block your shot. While at it, be sure to look at your angle towards the basket.

2.  Form of the Body

Your feet must be a little bit wider than the width of your shoulder to have good balance. Shoulders must be even and must be across from the opponent’s chest for good blocking. Be on a squatting form, and your back kept straight. Keep your knees bent and your gravity low so and you have enough momentum to jump and your stability unhindered once you go for that shot

3.      Handling the Ball

Dribbling must be low to ensure that the opponent can’t reach the ball. Hold the ball with both hands on the hip far from the ring. With your knees bent, take the ball to your chin so you can keep on to the ball as the opponent goes after it. Just keep everything low and wide as this can help you with control and get that best opportunity to make the basketball hook.

4.      Taking the Shot

Now that you’re in the right position and form, it’s time to jump and to that hook shot. If you’re shooting using your right hand, jump using your left foot off the ground, and do the opposite if you’re taking a shot using your left. When you’re in the air, place the ball above your head, and with the ball on your dominant hand, bend your arm slightly in an arc motion while stretched out. It should be pushed upwards as the ball is released with a wrist flick.

Way to Score More Hoops

Hook Shot is one of the shooting skills that will come in handy against your opponent. For the perfect execution, make sure that you are in the right position, form, and angle. Practice your footwork, eye-basket focus, ball handling, and body coordination. Be patient, work hard to master the shot, and make it one of your hallmarks to score more points.


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