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“It’s not what you can do, it’s what you can do when someone’s trying to stop you.”
- Donald Watts


Do you think that learning to dribble and shoot is enough to get you where you want to go?

Where you’re trying to go, there’s a lot of other people crowding to get there too.

As you climb up the ladder, everyone around you is going to have solid skills.

Do you know what it takes to stand out in the eyes of a coach or a scout?

You need to learn not just how to dribble and shoot, but also how to read the court and react to the game as it unfolds. You need to make the right decisions: when do you use the killer crossover ? What do you do when you’ve got the ball in your hands and game on the line ?

Assessing the moment-to-moment situation, evaluating the best moves, then performing perfect execution is how elite players win.

Do you know what it takes to climb up to the elite level?

Winning with The Way of Watts™

Elite athletes don’t just have superb skills that you can see on the court. Behind every elite player is a legendary coach that trained them and equipped them with the heart and mind of an elite performer. They know how to apply the skills they have in the most impactful way, enabling them to dominate the court.

And that success follows them off the court and into every arena in life.

“Donald's knowledge of the game and passion for development is rare and a great asset for any individual, team or program looking to take their game to the next level.”
Lenny Wilkins
Lenny Wilkins
NBA Hall of Fame Coach and Player

The difference between a great player and an elite player lies in his or her mind. With our training, our players thrive in situations where the intense pressure makes others crack.

Building upon the mindset of a winner and a dominant player, we build players’ physical capacity to endure the rigors and challenges of the court.

When a player’s body is prepared to keep up with the physical demands of the game, we train them to perfect their skills—dribbling, footwork, and shooting.

Every game has hundreds of moments in which challenges arise. Armed with the mentality and perception to read the court, our players learn to make the right decisions at the right times and strategically apply their skills to produce staggering outcomes for them and their team.

Dominate the Court.
Get Elite Training.

Legacy of Success

Coached by NBA greats like “Downtown” Freddy Brown and Nate “Tiny” Archibald, Donald Watts has also trained alongside NBA legends like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Tim Grgurich. He has played professionally around the globe and secured NBA tryouts.

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Whether you’re aiming for college ball or beyond, you need to know what coaches and scouts are looking for. Donald Watts has spent his career working closely with coaches and scouts. He knows exactly how to shape players into the ones that catch the attention of important decision makers.

Win Like Champions Do

Our players have dominated on the varsity court and have gone on to have success at all levels (D1, D2, D3 and professional, including the NBA). Watts has sent his trainees to top prestigious institutions like Yale and the University of Michigan. He’s also mentored local NBA players including Jamal Crawford, Isaiah Thomas, and Nate Robinson.

The Way of Watts is a training method that instills lifelong habits that lead to success. Not only do we drill our players to perfect the technical skills of basketball—dribbling, passing, shooting—we also teach our players to use superior judgment. Our players learn not only how to apply those skills, but more importantly when and why. We shape our players’ bodies and minds, enabling them to dominate the court.

Donald’s process for developing the technical aspects of the game—footwork, dribbling, shooting form—are what makes him one of the most respected trainers in the world.

But Donald’s coaching program goes far beyond the game.

He develops the players’ mindset and approach to the game, skills that are needed for elite level performance. Players will attack goal setting, their commitment level, skill development, application and strategies for implementing their highly-developed skill set.

“We were wasting time, money and harming our own child, before we understood this process.”​
jen rathbun
Jen Rathbun
Daughter Abby received full scholarship and plays in the WCC conference​

Some of the programs our players have received scholarships to

Aim High. Get High-Impact Coaching.

Elite private training. This level of coaching offers the maximum value to players. In a semi-private setting, players are coached to improve their game. They also get individual attention and actively participate in friendly competition. Their training translates to game performance and success.

Do you have high ambitions for life?

Watts is the Way.

Because Donald gives individual attention to players in this program, openings for this elite level training are extremely limited. .


Donald was like a big brother to me. When I was coming out of high school I would go to the UW and workout with Donald. He taught me a lot about the game and how to be a professional on and off the court”​
Jamal Crawford
Jamal Crawford
20-year NBA Veteran