Are you aiming to pattern your scoring arsenal with the likes of Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, and Kawhi Leonard? If that is the case, then you should not only pursue proficiency in shooting from three-point territory and driving towards the basket but also with the perimeter game. From quick pull-ups to set shots within the arc, the shooting ability you possess will improve by leaps and bound through the help of basketball drills for midrange. 

So, if you are dead set on enhancing your shooting chops on the court anytime soon, make sure to take note of these three effective marksmanship exercises that you can put into practice right away! 

Lock and Loaded: Basketball Drills for Midrange Shooting

Much like any other weapon in a player’s arsenal, the midrange shot can only be equipped and refined through consistent training. It takes hard work and determination to gain mastery over it. To help you with that, these basketball exercises will serve as the focal points of your practice regimen as you take on the process of perimeter shooting development.

Quick trigger catch-and-shoot drill

In recent times, the offensive strategies of most, if not all, elite hoop teams are revolving around scoring from beyond the arc or underneath the basket. Since there is a concentrated focus on the said areas, the perimeter proves to be a portion of the court that the opposing defense tends to leave open. In other words, it is a space that you can exploit to produce a wide-open basket through your midrange shot. This is where this drill comes in handy. 

The quick trigger catch-and-shoot exercise allows you to work on hoisting up shots in the perimeter area. Remember that this area is somewhat divided into five shooting spots — the ones near the baseline opposite of each other, the left and right elbows, and space at the top of the key. So, these areas on the court are the place that you should focus on with this drill. 

To execute this marksmanship workout, the instructions are as follows: 

  • Begin the exercise at the top of the key by shooting a quick shot off a pass. 
  • Once a basket is made, proceed to the left elbow and pull off another catch-and-shoot shot. 
  • Proceed to the right elbow right after converting the second made shot.
  • Once a basket is converted in the previous spot, move on to the left baseline area for another shot off a pass. 
  • When you covered the left baseline area, relocate towards the opposite side and produce a catch-and-shoot basket. 
  • Once you have covered all the spots, return at the top of the key and repeat the drill as much as you can. 

As the instruction implies, this drill is a two-man exercise, consisting of a shooter and passer. So, always keep in mind to have someone accompany you when conducting this on the court. 

The goal of this workout is to familiarize you with the act of shooting and relocating in the perimeter that can translate to positive results in game situations, proving to be one of the most important basketball drills for midrange shooting. Just make sure to watch your form and always pick up the pace. 

Complete package midrange drill

There is no shortage of methods to put the ball on the basket. So, it should not come as a surprise that there are a plethora of ways to convert a point in the perimeter area. For starters, the catch-and-shoot technique, which was tackled in the previous drill, is often the go-to shot. But best believe that it is not the only midrange shot that scorers rely upon in game situations. There are also the so-called teardrops or floaters and the off-the-dribble pull-ups. 

To develop the complete midrange package, this workout gives you a run-through of every move you need to thrive in the perimeter. Here’s how it is done: 

  • Start off at the right baseline and dribble into a floater. Then, proceed to hit the succeeding floaters in every shooting spot towards the left baseline. So, just to be clear, here is the order: right baseline, right elbow, top of the key, left elbow, and left baseline. 
  • Once finished with the set of floaters, position yourself beyond the arc at the right corner. From there, pull off a one-dribble pull up towards the perimeter. Follow the order of shooting spots you covered for floaters. 
  • For the last part of the drill, call assistance and proceed with the catch-and-shoot exercise. Execute it in the same order as the first two exercises. 
  • Repeat the drill, starting from floaters to catch-and-shoot practice shots, as much as you can. 

The primary goal of this exercise is to learn the different ways a baller can score in the perimeter. It also helps in achieving muscle memory and form refinement, making it one of the most essential basketball drills for midrange shooting.

Enhance your shooting ability tenfold! 

Midrange transition drill

If you find yourself in a transition scenario wherein you have no choice but to score on your own, what would you do? The obvious choices might be to drive hard towards the basket or stop and pop from deep ala Steph Curry. Well, in hopes of expanding your offensive options, take the time to learn this workout. 

The midrange transition drill, as its name implies, works on stopping on the dime in the perimeter area to score off a transition. To put this one into practice, here are its instructions: 

  • Start at one end of the floor and move the ball towards the other side as fast as you can before elevating for a jumper. Whether you make or miss it, grab the rebound and repeat the exercise until you make at least ten made baskets. 
  • Once done with off-the-dribble pull-ups, proceed with floaters. Again, convert at least ten made shots. 

The goal of this workout is to acclimate you to the needed pace when executing midrange shots in transition, which is enough of a reason to consider this as one of the effective basketball drills for midrange shooting out there. 

Repetition is Key

Do keep in mind that these basketball drills for midrange shooting are not just for one-time sessions. The effort you must put in should be consistent and intensive to achieve quality results. So, work hard and remain driven to be elite in scoring!

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