How to Box Out in Basketball

Box out basketball

Written by Ohmer

May 10, 2021


Nothing provides more opportunities to score in basketball than hauling down rebounds. Truth be told, crashing the boards allows a team to open up the floodgate of scoring while limiting the amount of possession the opposing side gets in a game. For this reason, learning how to box out in basketball can only lead to good things on the court.

Get in Prime Position: How to Box Out in Basketball for Securing Rebounds

Box out in basketball is the act of securing position near the basket to increase the chance of grabbing a rebound. It is a crucial technique that helps prevent an opponent from taking possession of the ball, proving to be a must-learn move that every hooper like yourself should acquire.

Take possession of the ball and make your mark on the court!

Keep eyes on the ball

No matter what position you play on the court, it is important to know where the ball is at all times. This comes in handy once you start to get into position to box out in basketball. The reason being, ball awareness allows you to anticipate a rebound since you are aware that a shot has been taken and the ball is on its way to the rim.

Still, there are instances that you will have a hard time keeping tabs on the ball. In such situations, learn to lean on your teammates by communicating with one another whenever someone shoots the ball. A simple command of “Rebound!” gives you the go-signal to begin fighting for position.

Jockey for position

The moment a ball leaves a shooter’s hand after it was hurled towards the basket is the time you start to box out in basketball. Establish a position in the shaded area by warding off the opponent and keeping them away from the rim. How? Well, here are several ways to do so:

  • If you are in between the basket and your opponent, use your body as a shield to maintain that position and prevent him or her from inching towards the rim. As close as you are to the basket, the higher the chance of the ball rimming out near you.
  • Another effective way to keep the defender in check while in a boxing out position is making full use of your arms. Spread both of your arms and extend it backward, forming a side barrier that keeps him or her from moving upfront. But more than just retraining the movement, it also helps you determine the direction the opposing player is trying to go towards to.
  • Learn to utilize your back side to keep the opposition from gaining ground in the battle for possession. To put it simply, as awkward as it may seem, use your butt to push the opponent out of balance and keep you in prime position to grab the rebound.
  • In case you’re the one in an unfavorable situation where the opponent is between you and the basket, learn to do the swim maneuver. This positioning technique involves using the outside hand to drag the opposition backward while using the inside hand to execute an overhand swim stroke that will help the body to move in front of the opponent.

Crash the Boards

Like grabbing a rebound on the court, you have gained a leg up on the competition with the knowledge you have of box out in basketball. Safe to say, the rebounds are now yours for the taking. So, put these techniques into practice and ball out!


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