In basketball where teamwork yields winning results, the presence of a leader is important. Reliable leaders serve as the driving force that pushes a team to reach great heights, and can even be a pillar of strength to lean on in tough times. It’s a role that should never be left unfilled, all the more reason why every hooper must develop positive leadership qualities. 

If you’re looking to thrive in the sporting landscape, chances are high that you will be thrust into a captaincy role at least once in your career. So, it is best to learn how to be a great leader and be prepared to rise to the occasion when an opportunity arises.

At the Helm: Ways to Develop Positive Leadership

While it is said that there are people who were born to lead, building yourself to become a leader is more than possible, too. All you need is the knowledge and the dedication to do so, as well as the chance to steer a team towards success.

Build yourself to be a great leader! 

Work on communication skills

Communication is the lifeblood of an organization. This rings true even for a basketball team since great teamwork is built through social interactions among players and coaches. By communicating with one another, team members get a better understanding of each other on and off the court, which culminates in great chemistry in game.

When it comes to developing your skills in communication, the main focus should be on experience. Always place yourself in a situation where you can connect with your teammates. In the process, you will develop the habit of listening and a firm understanding of body language, which are some of the traits of someone who has positive leadership.

Courage to take charge

In order to shepherd a pack down the path of success, you must have the resolve to lead by example. This means that you should be willing to be the first to do what needs to be done no matter the situation. As you take charge, other members will be encouraged to follow suit and get the work done.

Take for example in training. If you want to turn up the intensity in practice, the fire starter should be none other than you. You have to exert passionate effort during drills and workouts, urging the ones around you to do the same. So, being courageous to show the way is a crucial quality of positive leadership.


The foundation of positive leadership is respect. It is the license that grants you the right to influence those around you. After all, people would only allow themselves to be guided by others if the person leading them is someone whom they acknowledge, trust, and respect.

Being respectful also plays an essential part in keeping a team on the same boat. To put things into perspective, showing respect in a basketball squad is about how you treat the starters and second stringers as equally as possible. Team roles and positions should only be used as distinctions, but not as a decisive factor on who should or should not be respected. Otherwise, tensions and conflict would send a squad closer to failure. So, treat everyone with respect, whether you’re a leader or not.

Make a Difference

The purpose of leadership is to inspire others to pick up the mantle and be leaders themselves — not just for a group, but also leaders of their lives. So, as you develop the qualities of positive leadership, remember that you can make a difference in your life and the life of others, too.

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